Here we present current topics in university politics.

  • #wiegETHs?/#howsETHgoing? final report is here!
    The final report of the Spring 2019 Equal Opportunity and Mental Health Survey has finally been completed this week. Want to know how students in your department regard their own equality and mental health? Then take a look!
  • Exams during a Pandemic
    It has been the main topic of conversation in the past weeks: the session exams of the upcoming winter session 2021. For more than a half a year, VSETH has been advocating for fair and safe exam conditions in the current pandemic. In the following blog post, we would like to share with you the latest information regarding this topic, give you an insight into our work and try to clarify the processes involved. In particular, we would like to address the situation for students in quarantine as this is one of the biggest challenges in this issue. These students could in the worst case miss an exam due to the quarantine and then, in the worst case, they will be forced to take it a year later.
  • The Beginnings of a Blog
    VSETH is the student representation at ETH Zurich. But how is this representation performed and where exactly does the VSETH have a say? This and much more will be explained here in the future.