Here we present current topics in university politics.

  • Christmas Time
    The quietness on the blog here is a consequence of the very busy Christmas period at VSETH. Apart from appointments such as ETH Day, IDEALiStiC, the Budget MR or the VSS DV (blog articles will hopefully follow in January), Christmas means that we, as the board, say thank you to … Read more
  • Looking back on the Hopo roundtable of 4.11.2021
    Last Thursday evening, on November 4th, we met with 35 other students interested in university politics in the HG. After a short round of introductions with name, study program and expectations for the evening, we gave a short introduction to our daily life as Hopo board members. In order to … Read more
  • Looking back on the FR on 02.11.2021
    This Tuesday (02.11.) the third meeting of the Associations’ Council (Fachvereinsrat – FR) this semester took place. Unlike other FRs, this time the joint program started with a guided tour of the site development on the Hönggerberg, where we were introduced to the new construction projects, in particular the upcoming … Read more
  • FR – Small legislature of the VSETH
    In the Associations’ Council (FR – Fachvereinsrat) 1-2 people (delegates) of the 17 student associations of VSETH meet, having one voting right per student association. In addition, the VSETH board has 1 voting right and is represented most of the time by at least one person per office. We will … Read more
  • ++ 04.11. Upcoming university politics roundtable ++
    We are pleased to announce the first university politics roundtable of this semester on November 4th, starting at 7:00pm in Zentrum. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other like-minded and unlike-minded people and discuss current university politics issues. Food (minor spoiler, there will be vegan sushi) and drink will be … Read more
  • Looking back on the university politics weekend
    From the 22nd to the 24th of October, we were in Pizol, St. Gallen, with 33 motivated and university-politically interested students from different student associations and committees for a weekend full of workshops, games and good food. Maybe some of you still know the old name, FRUKDuK, which is an … Read more
  • VSS – Student representation for the whole of Switzerland
    The VSS (Association of Swiss Student Bodies) is the voice of the students in Federal Bern. Various sections (student bodies) from all over Switzerland are part of it, including us as VSETH. Once a month, one delegate from each section meets in the small legislature, the Section Council, in Bern … Read more
  • IDEALiStiC Conference in Zurich
    This morning we met with Stella, the Co-Secretary General of IDEALiStiC, to discuss the program of the upcoming conference. The acronym IDEALiStiC stands for IDEA League Students in Conference and brings together students from all IDEA League universities – namely TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Politecnico Milano and … Read more
  • Your new university politics board members are introducing themselves
    Hello and welcome to this website which for the next year we are filling with current topics regarding university politics. We, that is Mara and Leah. We both study Interdisciplinary Sciences (Bio-N) in the 7th semester and will advocate your topics during the next year. Be it involvement of international … Read more
  • #wiegETHs?/#howsETHgoing? final report is here!
    The final report of the Spring 2019 Equal Opportunity and Mental Health Survey has finally been completed this week. Want to know how students in your department regard their own equality and mental health? Then take a look!
  • Exams during a Pandemic
    It has been the main topic of conversation in the past weeks: the session exams of the upcoming winter session 2021. For more than a half a year, VSETH has been advocating for fair and safe exam conditions in the current pandemic. In the following blog post, we would like to share with you the latest information regarding this topic, give you an insight into our work and try to clarify the processes involved. In particular, we would like to address the situation for students in quarantine as this is one of the biggest challenges in this issue. These students could in the worst case miss an exam due to the quarantine and then, in the worst case, they will be forced to take it a year later.
  • The Beginnings of a Blog
    VSETH is the student representation at ETH Zurich. But how is this representation performed and where exactly does the VSETH have a say? This and much more will be explained here in the future.