University Politics

The Beginnings of a Blog

VSETH is the student representation at ETH Zurich. But how is this representation performed and where exactly does the VSETH have a say? This and much more will be explained here in the future.

Recently, we have once again become aware of how few students know about their representation at ETH and how little they themselves can learn even when putting in some effort. We would therefore like to use this format to remedy this situation and report regularly on the background of university politics surrounding VSETH.

In this first issue of this blog, I would like to refer directly to the Hopo column in the recently published Polykum, where we offer an overview of the activities of a university politics board member and of university politics in general. In the following issues we would like to highlight topics such as Corona at ETH, consultations on ETH regulations or our representatives.

If you have any topic you would like to see covered or if you have a burning question, please do not hesitate to send us an email to