University Politics

Christmas Time

The quietness on the blog here is a consequence of the very busy Christmas period at VSETH. Apart from appointments such as ETH Day, IDEALiStiC, the Budget MR or the VSS DV (blog articles will hopefully follow in January), Christmas means that we, as the board, say thank you to many people and organisations who have supported us over the past year. What sounds nice at first (and it is!) means a considerable organisational effort: 311 cards were written, signed by each board member and distributed together with 143 bottles of wine, 66 small and 49 large Samichlaussäckli (bags filled with chocolates). Our evenings were filled with wonderful Christmas dinners, even if that means that by the fifth fondue (or in the case of Mara and Nils already by the first) you can no longer see any cheese. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people we had the pleasure of meeting and working with during the past semester. A very big thank you goes to the Study Associations and committees whose board members made our day with their visits to our office in CAB. Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you next year!