HowsETHgoing 2019

The VSETH organized a survey in FS19 to get a better overview of the student satisfaction. The responses provide insights into what is important to students and how the VSETH can advocate for it.

The mailing and the analysis were implemented by an official survey institute, the GFS Zurich. Anonymity is one hundred percent guaranteed and the analysis of the results is professionally handled.

From March 18 to April 2, 6400 students completed the survey. This represents 42.2% of all bachelor and master students at ETH Zurich.


Students were asked about their general well-being, mental health, and experiences with discrimination and misconduct.

The final report summarises all the results, both ETH-wide and for the individual departments. Each department was able to make a statement on this.

More information including the action papers are unfortunately only available in German. Please switch to the German website if you would like to read them.