The VSETH is managed by a voluntary student board and the managing secretary.


The Presidency represents the Board internally and VSETH as a whole externally. It is responsible for the strategic and operational management of the association.

It maintains the good relations with the Board of the ETH and with other organisations such as AVETH, VSUZH at the University of Zurich and AGEPoly at EPF Lausanne.

It manages the Board, looks after the staff and coordinates VSETH’s commitment.

The Presidency is represented by the Vice-Presidency.

Luca Dahle


The Quaestory is responsible for the financial transactions of VSETH. These include wage payments, accounting with SAP, budget and year-end closing.

It also offers assistance within the association on financial issues.

Theo Wollschlegel


The Ressort Hochschulpolitik is responsible for the intensive exchange and representation of students’ concerns at ETH (Board, Rectorate, University Assembly, Teaching Commission, etc.).

It coordinates efforts to enhance the quality of the studies (better teaching, access to buildings, semester fees, etc.) through working groups and workshops.

It is in active exchange with other universities, especially in Switzerland (VSS) e.g. EPFL, St. Gallen and Zurich University, but also internationally through the IDEALeague in Delft, Aachen and other technical universities.

Stella Harper
Manuel Hässig
Kolja Frahm


The Ressort Projekte organizes the major events at ETH. These include the freshmen party, the conquering, the summer bar, the punch bar and much more.

It supports the student organization Projektis, the commissions and other organisations in questions concerning the organisation of events, notably with an educational weekend.

It coordinates communication between official ETH bodies, StuZ and VSETH between the various organisations that organize events at ETH.

Robin Krampl

Internal Affairs

The Ressort Internal Affairs coordinates and supports the work of the commissions, student associations and other organisations. In particular, it supports the formation of new commissions and student organisations and optimises internal structures and processes.

It maintains contact with partner organisations and other student organisations.

Julia Fähnrich. Julia is the Vice-President, too.
Alexander Schoch


The Ressort Kommunikation is responsible for promoting events and the work of VSETH.

It coordinates VSETH’s advertising materials and makes them available to the organisations.

It is also responsible for the organisation of the Ersti Day.

Sophie Eisenring
Francesca Burlini


The Ressort Infrastructure is responsible for the infrastructure within VSETH. Thus, topics like IT, real estate and lounges are part of its sphere of authority.

Additionally, the ressort is responsible for the central services of VSETH, such as the music rooms and the secretariate.

Jan-Philipp Kirsch

Geschäftsführendes Sekretariat

The Geschäftsführende Sekretariat is employed by VSETH and is a voting member of the board.

It supports the Executive Board in its work in the operative business and takes care of the minutes.

It is responsible for personnel management and the maintenance of knowledge within the association.

Alexander Beck