The VSETH consists of student associations and commissions and supports other student organizations.

The student associations represent the students of their respective courses. They help you with your studies with exam collections and organize excursions, lectures and parties. You can check which association you belong to in the assignment list.

Commissions are a direct part of the VSETH and offer services for students independent of their field of study. For example, the Kulturstelle organizes classical piano evenings and visits to the opera house, the Filmstelle curates weekly film evenings or the PapperlaPub organizes the Pub in CAB.

Besides student associations and commissions, other student organizations can be categorized in regional networks or special interest groups. They are independent associations which are allowed to use the infrastructure, the network and the financial means of the VSETH. Associated organizations work more closely with the VSETH than recognized organizations.

An overview can be found in the organizations list.


The “Akademischer Aviatikverein Zürich” is a students organisation with a special interest in every area of aviation. Their members include private pilot license holders as well as glider pilots, paragliders and parachutists. Furthermore, the association also consists of plane spotters, remote control aircraft pilots and other individuals with a passion for aviation. They aim to reach a wide variety of aviation enthusiasts who are looking to make new acquaintances with like-minded peers to exchange knowldege and to take part in joint activities. Their activities go from Drink-Ins (monthly round table), trial flights, Fly-Ins, guided tours at aviation related companies, airshows and many more events.

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The AFrEZ (Association Francophone des Étudiants de Zürich) is the organisation for francophone students in Zurich, created in 2007. Very active on campus, it organises various events throughout the academic year, open not only to francophone students but also to anyone open to learning the french language or discovering more about the diversity of french-speaking cultures. Amongst its key events, we have wine and cheese tastings, fondue evenings, but also sporting events (participation to the SOLA relay race), museum exhibitions and of course its famous CREPERIE present every Thursday during lunch time to hand out crêpes on the Polyterrasse!

rw_website of AFrEZ rw_email of AFrEZ rw_facebook of AFrEZ rw_instagram of AFrEZ


The AIV is the association of civil engineering students and aims to provide them comfortable and carefree studies. The AIV takes a stand for the interests of the civil engineering students concerning the department and the ETH in general, organizes an annual career fair (Kontakttreffen Hönggerberg), supports the students during their studies, organizes excursions and runs its own bar, the Loch Ness.

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The theater group akitiv is an association founded by and for active young people who share a passion for acting. For almost 20 years, mostly ETH and Uni students are meeting in the Aki once a week to embrace their creativity and have a good time.

After stage director and play have been chosen democratically, we start preparing for our performances in spring!

Do you want to join us? Membership is free. All we expect from you is your engagement and good mood! Feel free to drop by anytime.

rw_website of Akitiv rw_email of Akitiv rw_facebook of Akitiv


AMIV represents students pursuing the following degrees: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Micro and Nanosystems, Biomedicine, Nuclear Engineering, Robotics, System and Controls. AMIV is the biggest and most active student association at ETH and offers a large palette of services for its members at the D-ITET and D-MAVT departments ranging from academic assistance to diverse cultural events.

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Analytics Club

The Analytics Club at ETH (ACE) is a student organization for all who are interested in data science and analytics. The club organizes workshops and lectures with companies, participates in data science competitions and networks students to promote exchange and mutual learning. In addition, the Analytics Club offers members a git repo with data science materials, best practices for sample projects and links to further resources.

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The AOZ, an orchestra composed of around 70 students and employees of ETH Zurich and University of Zurich, rehearses orchestral music under expert guidance and brings it to the concert level. The joy of making music is combined with serious work in order to achieve high level performances. Also the interdisciplinary contact between the various academic disciplines as well as friendship and sociability is seen as strong bond among the members. Last but not least, the AOZ is an essential part of the cultural offerings for students in Zurich by presenting the audience at least four symphonic concerts per year.

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The Academic Pharmaceutical Student Association represents the study path pharmaceutical sciences and the master’s degree medicinal and industrial pharmaceutical sciences and is part of the Swiss organization association suisse des étudiants en pharmacie (asep). Since its foundation in 1910 the APV provides his members with help and advice. The APV provides his students a website for lecture notes, where they can also find an archive of the student magazine Tonikum and information about the upcoming events.

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Architektura is the student association at the department of architecture at ETH Zurich. They are committed to acting in the interest of the students beside their studies and represent the students in academic political committees of the department and the organise cultural, social or study-relevant events.

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ARIS brings together students from Swiss universities fascinated by space exploration. We are designing, manufacturing and testing our own rockets which will, at the end of a cycle, participate in the Spaceport America Cup to compete against teams from all over the world. Not only do we build rockets, but we also embrace the personal development of our members and the involvement of our partners. Students improve their knowledge and abilities while contributing to a prestigious endeavor.

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Established in November 2015, the African Students Association of Zurich (ASAZ) aims at bringing together ETHZ and UZH students of African origin and students interested in African cultures and issues. The ASAZ organizes events that promote African scholars and research and cultivate friendship and solidarity, including ASAZ round tables, research days, reading groups, sport tournaments, and get-togethers.

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The Academic Surf Club is a Swiss-wide association that connects surfing enthusiasts and alumni from the largest Swiss universities. It is open to all students who are interested in surfing, have always wanted to try it out or simply identify with the surfing lifestyle. We enrich everyday life at the universities with cool events and regular activities, with the now legendary Academic Surf Camp in late summer being the highlight.

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The ASTAZ (Associazone Studenti Ticinesi a Zurigo) was formed in 1988 as an association for students from Ticino studying at Zurich’s universities. The association organizes different Events, which go from political debates to extravagant parties. For its members the association offers further activities like an annual ski-weekend or visits to breweries. Moreover they’re involved in helping students from the first semester to get on the daily grind of the life as a student in Zurich and in stimulating the friendship between students from Ticino.

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Blueprint Masquerades

The Blueprint Masquerades is an English student theater group from Zurich, with members from both UZH and ETHZ. Each academic year, we put on one production, with performances in spring. As a fully student-run group, we do everything ourselves, be it producing, directing, acting, marketing, composing music, or designing and creating the set and costumes. Our past productions include English classics and modern plays alike, as well as several self-written plays.

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BSA represents the students studying biotechnology. It represents the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering which is located in Basel.

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The Bündnerclub is an association of students from the canton of Grisons currently studying at the ETH and the University of Zurich. Its goal is to keep the people from the canton in contact and be a reason for making new friends, which is achieved through several events over the course of the year. Our main event is the traditional Bündnerfest, which attracts around 1200 people every year. The contact with the cantonal gymnasiums and with past students is of particular interest to the association, as it is representative body of ETH and University of Zurich students from Grisons.

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Camerata Academica Zurich

The Camerata Academica Zürich is a chamber orchestra and has been performing classical works at the highest level at regular concerts and academic events for over 10 years.

Would you like to play in an ambitious student orchestra? Or would you like to perform your most beautiful solo piece accompanied by a string orchestra? Then our orchestra is the right place for you!

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CAMPUS live is a Christian student group in Zurich. We organise community nights and small group gatherings where you can connect with other students, learn more about faith and share life together. We also organise camps, game nights and many other fun activities. Have a look at our programme on our website. We would love to meet you!

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Challenge brings together more than 400 students from both schools, the EPF Lausanne and the ETH Zurich, each year in sporty and fraternal spirit. 50 students from ETH Zurich and 50 students from EPF Lausanne qualify annually at various events within both schools due to their athletic performance, their skill and their team spirit. Challenge is organized alternately by Challenge VSETH and Challenge AGEPoly.

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The ‘Czech and Slovak Students in Zurich’ is a society uniting the community of students from Czechia & Slovakia and providing support in academic and related matters. It organizes open events and provides a platform for social engagement – we cook, go skiing, hiking or just meet for a beer.

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Constructing pithy and witty arguments and presenting them in a rhetorically convincing way is what we practice weekly. We also compete in both German- and English-language debating tournaments all over Europe. If you’re keen on always being right or just want to broaden your horizon in a fun and engaging way, feel free to email us or visit our website!

rw_website of Debattierclub rw_email of Debattierclub rw_facebook of Debattierclub

Effective Altruism

Most of us want to make a difference. We see suffering injustice and death and are moved to do something about them. But doing good is hard, and it’s easy to be disheartened by the challenge. We help students and young professionals maximize the good they can do with their careers. To do this, we use high-quality evidence and careful reasoning to work out how to help others as much as possible and nurture a community of people who act on the insights gained.

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erfa represents the study program Earth Sciences. It helps to diversify the studies with various events during the semester, excursions to the fields and other culinary delights.

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Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a European-wide student organisation with the goal to promote the social and personal integration of the exchange students. ESN Zürich aims to ensure that all international students in Zurich feel at home, have a great time, meet a lot of new people, get a good glimpse of Swiss student life and Swiss culture in general. To achieve this, we organise welcome parties and all kind of fun events, all year long. We also connect international students with local buddies and provide information about the life in Zurich. In a word, we are here to make your stay the best!

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ETH Cyber Group

The mission of ETH Cyber Group is to foster cybersecurity enthusiasm among ETH students. They promote participation at selected cyber competitions and build, prepare, and coach participating teams from all academic backgrounds. In their Open Ports, cyber experts share current hot topics, give insights into career choices, and shed light on real-life challenges in interactive workshops and talks. Once a year, they organize a networking event with keynote speakers.

rw_website of ETH Cyber Group rw_email of ETH Cyber Group

ETH Entrepreneur Club

The ETH Entrepreneur Club is a student initiative at ETH Zurich to bring entrepreneurial-minded people together and to foster entrepreneurship among students. Through startup events and our community, we provide a platform to develop ideas, build teams and exchange experience.

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ETH Model United Nations brings the popular concept of Model UN to ETH. The idea behind Model UN is the authentic simulation of the United Nations and its various committees (Security Council, World Bank, WHO, etc.) where students take the role of an ambassador to a specific country and represent their nation’s interests and points of view on topics such as free trade agreements or international security. What does ETH Model UN offer? Attending international conferences with partial scholarship, intensive exchange with students from around the world, gaining experience in public speech and other soft skills such as negotiation, improving English skills, interesting and controversial Debates and weekly debating sessions on Thursdays 7-9pm.

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ETHSG is a student association aiming to increase the network and interdisciplinary collaboration between students from ETH and HSG (Hochschule St. Gallen). We host diverse events, where students from business and scientific backgrounds can connect and learn from each other. We also organize speaker events, workshops and company visits where you can meet organizations operating in interdisciplinary fields. If you are interested in both business and technology and would like to enlarge your personal network by meeting likeminded students from diverse backgrounds, come join us!

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The ExBeerience Commission organizes a yearly Craftbeer-Festival at ETH for student prices, where breweries are present to tap their own beers. The aim is to enrich the beer-culture among students to drink #carftnotcrap. Further collaborations with other organizations broaden the reach of this cultural spread.

rw_website of ExBeCo rw_email of ExBeCo rw_facebook of ExBeCo


Forum&Contact fosters the direct connection between companies and students and offers assistance with their career entry to students. Each spring we organise the Polymesse, a company fair which gives over 130 companies the opportunity to present themselves to the students.

rw_website of F&C rw_email of F&C rw_facebook of F&C


Every semester the Filmstelle presents a new thematic film series. The programme includes masterpieces and cult films as well as long hidden gems of all ages and countries. With its comprehensive choice of films the Filmstelle is an important part of the ETH’s cultural activities and it is also in close contact with Zurich’s film scene and cinemas. That’s why not only students but also film lovers from the surrounding areas attend the well-frequented film nights.

Every Tuesday at StuZ2, bar at 7.00 pm, film at 7.30 pm. Free entry for VSETH and VSUZH members, regular ticket CHF 5.

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The Open Air Cinema Committee (FLiK) organizes the annual open air cinema at the ETH Hönggerberg campus. From Wednesday to Friday, three different movies are shown for 600 people each to promote the cultural offer for students. In addition, a bar and grill is operated and live music is played starting in the afternoon.

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As one of the youngest commissions of  VSETH, we are still pretty much work in progress. Since HS19 we have  been organizing photography courses from beginner level up to  professional event photography. We believe in “learning by doing” so in  all our courses you will be able to gain a lot of experience while  having fun. We aim to provide high-quality courses for student prices.
Our  goal is to connect VSETH Events with photographers in order to provide  professional coverage of student life in VSETH. We hope to provide a  community of photography-interested students at ETH.

rw_website of Fotokommission rw_email of Fotokommission rw_instagram of Fotokommission


The Graduate Consulting Club (GCC) is a student association that tries to bring those in academia closer to consulting. Every semester, we organize a consulting program called Bridge where we provide pro bono consulting services to early start-ups and NGOs. When you join as a consultant or team leader, you receive training and interact with our clients. The perfect place to gain some work experience during the semester! Check out our website for more details about Bridge, weekly case workshops, case competitions and partner events.

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The Gaming and Entertainment Committe (GECo) organises a variety of events around gaming and board games. From LAN parties to casual Social Gaming Events to Boardgame Days – there’s something for everyone.

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The GESO represents the study programmes in Environmental Engineering, Geospatial Engineering, Geomatics, as well as the Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems programme. They campaign the students’ interests in the department and the ETH. Further, they organise a number of different events and excursions during the semester in order to add variety to university life. Moreover, they offer various services to make the studies easier, such as exam collections and exam-preparation courses.

rw_website of GESO rw_email of GESO rw_instagram of GESO


Represents the following degrees: MA History and Philosophy of Knowledge, MA Comparative and International Studies, MA in Science, Technology and Policy, and BA Staatswissenschaften. GESS Who! is the youngest and the most interdisciplinary association at ETH (and among the smallest, too). It represents the students at the D-GESS in their existence as ETHs exotic birds towards the department and the VSETH.

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Golf Club UZH & ETHZ

The Golf Club University & ETH Zurich serves as a platform for all golf enthusiasts within the universities. The club currently has about 140 members and organizes approximately 15 events a year, from a beginner Tiger & Rabbit tournament to season matchplays and a Ryder Cup against the HSG, as well as regular group trainings. Furthermore, we work together with ASVZ to offer newcomers the possibility of getting to know the sport.
The aim of the association is that personal contacts between golfers are made and maintained. Join our club via our online registration form (see our website, membership fee: 50 CHF / year).

rw_website of Golf Club UZH & ETHZ rw_email of Golf Club UZH & ETHZ rw_facebook of Golf Club UZH & ETHZ rw_instagram of Golf Club UZH & ETHZ

Google Developer Student Club Zurich

Founded in 2020, Zurich GDSC is a university-based student-run community for students interested in developer technologies and STEM subjects. Our mission is to provide student developers with a way to grow their knowledge, network with their peers and build solutions that impact their communities. We focus on technological events and host speaker sessions, workshops, and introductory classes with experts in developer technologies as well as researchers from leading companies and institutions.

rw_website of Google Developer Student Club Zurich rw_email of Google Developer Student Club Zurich

Health Science Club

Welcome to the Health Science Club, a vibrant student organization dedicated to connecting students in the health sciences field with the industry through exciting events like “MedTalks”, company visits, career workshops and many more! Explore the latest trends, network with peers and experts, and gain valuable insights. Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your knowledge and make meaningful connections. Discover all that the Health Science Club has to offer today!

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The HeaT represents the field of studies “Health Sciences and Technology” and “Humane Medicine”. It represents its students at the department, organizes study support (e.g. exam preparation courses) and social events (e.g. sports days and parties). Moreover, the Move Sportshop, a commission of the HeaT, organises a fair twice a year (ski and summer fair), where all ETH students can purchase sports clothes and equipment at reasonable prices. The medical students also have their own commission, the mesa, subordinate to HeaT with which they can represent their students to the Swimsa.

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IAESTE is an organization for the exchange of students at higher education institutions wishing to obtain technical experience abroad. The aim of IAESTE is to provide science & engineering students with training experience abroad that is relevant to their studies, to offer Swiss employers well-qualified and motivated foreign trainees and to be a source of cultural enrichment for trainees and their host employers.

rw_website of IAESTE rw_email of IAESTE rw_facebook of IAESTE


Ideaction is a platform connecting students with impactful ideas for sustainability. Students can either choose an existing idea and create a project group with like-minded peers or send in their own idea, which Ideaction publishes on the platform, and other students can build a team around their idea and put it into practice.

rw_website of Ideaction rw_email of Ideaction rw_instagram of Ideaction


An association that brings together diverse individuals who are simply enthusiastic about Indian culture. We organize celebration of the popular Indian festivals of light (Diwali) and color (Holi) and encourage expression through performing arts at such events. Besides, we engage in a variety of events to foster cultural exchange, like annual cricket tournaments, meet-ups with representatives from government bodies and private companies, new year parties and public screening of sports matches and movies. Furthermore, we assist new Indian students in experiencing a smoother transition to life in Zurich.

rw_website of InSAZ rw_email of InSAZ rw_facebook of InSAZ rw_instagram of InSAZ

Iris Vocal Ensemble

The Iris Vocal Ensemble was established in 2021 by students from ETH and UZH who share a passion for music and acapella singing. Our repertoire is varied and includes genres ranging from baroque to pop, contemporary music, and traditional Christmas carols. Each semester, we showcase our talents at a self-organized concert, as well as at the Musikalischer Abend hosted by Musikplattform. In addition to our music, we celebrate our friendship with dinner parties and busking in the streets of Zurich.

rw_website of Iris Vocal Ensemble rw_email of Iris Vocal Ensemble rw_instagram of Iris Vocal Ensemble


The KOSTA organizes numerous festivals and parties around the ETH and University of Zurich and provides other students their know-how and material. Our purpose is the realization of the Polyball at the ETH Zurich, which is considered as the biggest decorated ball in Europe. We are a young, motivated team of ETH, university & college students offering a variety of tasks and a lot of space to contribute their own ideas. With over 100 years of experience in event management, we have a large network as well as many exciting and valuable contacts.

rw_website of KOSTA rw_email of KOSTA rw_facebook of KOSTA


Anybody wishing to spend his time in Zurich not only by studying but also by enjoying the rich cultural life has found his destination with Kulturstelle. Each month during the semester we offer a diverse cultural program for the best addresses in Zurich for the price of a cinema ticket – be quick, contingents are limited. Also, we look behind the scenes of ETH and support student’s projects.

rw_website of Kulturstelle rw_email of Kulturstelle rw_facebook of Kulturstelle

Legal consultation office

The legal consultation office of the VSUZH provides counsel to legal problems that may get in your way. It doesn’t matter if these are legal problems with your flat, if you need help in a recourse or if you need advice in an everyday legal problem. During the semester the legal consultation is available every tuesday and thursday from 18:00-19:30 and every wednesday from 16:00-17:30 in the office of the VSUZH at the Rämistrasse 62. For Members of the VSETH the legal consultation is free of charge, for all the other students it costs onetime per semester 5 CHF. You can find more information on the webpage of VSUZH.

rw_website of Legal consultation office rw_email of Legal consultation office rw_facebook of Legal consultation office


The LSVZ, the Latino Students’ Union Zürich, is an association with the purpose of fostering the spanish-speaking community at the ETH and the UZH. We organize events so that the newbies can get to know the city and also other students. The studying has to be compensated with social activities, and the LSVZ team tries to do that by organising parties, BBQs, excursions and much more!

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The Association of Luxembourg Students in Zurich (LSZ) was founded in 1930. Some of our goals are to bring together the Luxembourgish student community in Zurich, to support Luxembourgish ‘freshmen’ with their first steps in Zurich and to advise Luxembourgish students on possible studies in Zurich. Throughout the year we organize numerous events to bring our members together and to give them a good change from everyday student life.

rw_website of LSZ rw_email of LSZ rw_facebook of LSZ rw_instagram of LSZ


MeWell is a student and staff association at the universities in Zurich with a focus on providing both professional and community-focused activities around raising awareness of mental wellbeing and fighting metal health stigma at the universities in Zurich.
MeWell’s goal is a mental health-positive culture, where all students and (non-)academic workers participate in a mental-health normalized culture, are supportive of each other’s mental health, and know where to find mental help.
To this end we organize monthly talks on different mental health topics together with experts in the field as well as fun social events throughout the year.

rw_website of MeWell rw_email of MeWell rw_instagram of MeWell


The Muslim Students Association Zurich (MSAZ) was established in 2012 as a student association at the University of Zurich and ETH. As a community platform, the MSAZ aims to encourage exchange between Muslim students, represent their needs and serve as a contact point for their questions and concerns regarding student life in Zurich. The MSAZ organizes different cultural, social, leisure and interreligious events as well as Islamic lectures, seminars and panel discussions.

rw_website of MSAZ rw_email of MSAZ rw_facebook of MSAZ rw_instagram of MSAZ


By now the musicplatform is the largest musical community of both universities of Zurich, everyone studying and working at either the ETH or the UZH is warmly invited in joining us. Making and listening to music can compensate the daily stress of academic work. Therefore, it is wonderful to see and hear that people pursue their musical hobby with enthusiasm, next to their work and studying. The musicplatform provides musicians of both universities a network for coming together, e.g., in playing concerts and joining courses, in other words to share their passion. And as a former student and later professor of the ETH said: “Creativity is catching. Pass it to others.” (Albert Einstein)

rw_website of Musikplattform rw_email of Musikplattform rw_facebook of Musikplattform

NEO Network

The NEO Network («NEO» for short) is a student think tank and network dedicated to explore and to address tomorrow‘s challenges with the leading industry experts, scientists and entrepreneurs at the largest Swiss universities. To power these endeavors, we are a deliberately rich and diverse students community of both men and women from every scientific discipline – all connected by a shared optimism towards science and technology and a common dedication to advance the status quo in order to shape our future for the better. NEO (from «néos», ancient greek) is based on three pillars: NEO Keynotes, NEO Network and NEO Labs. We connect and interact through our network, explore and understand in our keynotes and create and impact at our labs. Are you ready to face tomorrow’s challenges?

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With its telephone, chat and email service, Nightline Zurich always has a sympathetic ear and offers an information portal when Google doesn’t know what to do. According to the motto “by students for students”, the Nightline is politically and denominationally independent. All conversations are handled by trained Nightliners – confidentially and anonymously.

Does no one listen to you, can’t you fall asleep at night or do you feel lonely? Are you suffering from lovesickness, exam stress, no desire or simply without a plan?

You can reach us during the semester daily from 20.00-24.00 by phone on 044 633 77 77 as well as by email and chat.

rw_website of Nightline rw_instagram of Nightline


OBIS is the student organization for the Management Technology and Economics (MTEC) MSc students. They organize both company events and social activities as well as they provide academic feedback.

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Of@CampusZH was founded in 2004 by officers of the Swiss Armed Forces with the aim of promoting dialogue between universities, industry and the military. A further objective of ours is to promote and maintain a network across all faculties amongst the members. In order to achieve this, the association organizes events throughout the year, which promote socializing as well as the expansion of knowledge in areas such as security policy or current crises. These events include talks, but also, for example, an excursion with a focus on military history.

rw_website of Of@CampusZH rw_email of Of@CampusZH rw_facebook of Of@CampusZH


Every Wednesday we (a small team of motivated students) organize the bar in Yu&Mi (previously: ABBsolut). From 18:00 – 24:00 we serve cold beer, good whiskys, delicious drinks and strong shots in a cozy ambience. You can socialize here, suppress the everyday life in a classy way, have a meeting or just enjoy the beer after it.

rw_website of PapperlaPub rw_email of PapperlaPub rw_facebook of PapperlaPub


Enjoy the enthusiasm of students and postgraduates playing music. As Big Band with an extended instrumentation we are playing a wide variety of swinging tunes, rock pieces and ballads including nailing vocals. Our yearly highlights are the opening of the Polyball, the dancing evening and the concerts at noon in the last week of the semester. Visit us at one of our upcoming gigs or contact us if you are interested to join us.

rw_website of Polyband rw_email of Polyband rw_facebook of Polyband rw_instagram of Polyband


The first issue of Polykum was published in 1995 as the association magazine of the VSETH and accompanies the students, lecturers and staff of the ETH through the semesters with its six annual issues. With a circulation of around 20,000 copies, it is sent directly to students’ homes. Since 2019, the Polykum is no longer only written, but also managed and edited by students. An experienced editorial team and fresh creative voices will ensure that we better represent our readership, take on board their interests and criticisms, and continue to inspire, amuse and provoke ETH members with exciting topics, amusing to grotesque research results and current problems for many years to come.

rw_website of Polykum rw_email of Polykum rw_facebook of Polykum rw_instagram of Polykum


Universitätsorchester Polyphonia Zürich is a young symphonic orchestra founded in 2015 by and for students, employees, and alumni of the ETH and UZH. The orchestra gladly accepts musicians of every level and is always looking for new members.

rw_website of Polyphonia rw_email of Polyphonia rw_facebook of Polyphonia


We are PolyUniQue, the LGBTQIA+ student organization in Zurich. We welcome anyone who is looking for other queer people, no matter if you’re out and proud, still in the closet, or only just started questioning your identity.
We organize a plethora of different events, ranging from karaoke evenings and hikes to our monthly dinners, so everyone is sure to find something they enjoy. We strive to be a space where everyone can be themselves and find other like-minded people.
Stay up to date with everything that’s happening by subscribing to our newsletter and come along to one of our events.

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PROZ stands for Psychedelic Research Organization of Zurich. We are a student association dedicated to exploring psychedelics through a scientific framework. Our interdisciplinary team includes students from fields like psychology, pharmacology, biology, physics, and computer sciences; all united by our academic interest in psychedelics. Our goal is to raise awareness of the potential benefits and risks associated with psychedelics, as well as their clinical and psychotherapeutic applications. We also strive for open science, making research accessible to everyone, and creating opportunities for dialogue and networking. We organize a variety of events, including talks, discussions, and informal events, where people can share and discuss their knowledge.

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Reatch! Research. Think. Change.

Reatch is the independent grassroots think tank of young scientists in Switzerland. They promote a science-friendly culture in which scientific facts and viewpoints are balanced with societal and ethical aspirations. Their goal is to strengthen the relationship between politics, science and society in order to find the best solutions to societal challenges. Reatch works in a transdisciplinary way and relies on the innovation and drive of numerous volunteers. Among other things, they offer lectures and discussion evenings on scientific and socio-political topics in various Swiss cities.

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We believe that society can only become sustainable if the new generation is educated accordingly. That’s why we at Respectomorrow run workshops at schools where children and young people can develop a fascination for sustainability issues through hands-on lessons. We are a very multidisciplinary association, from law to biology to engineering. New thoughts and ideas are welcome. You too can contribute to making our future sustainable!

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Rhetorikforum is the student association for students interested in rhetoric. Twice per term workshops are offered during which students can improve their presentation and rhetorical skills. The program is devided in three evenings and the workshops concentrate on theoretical basics of body language, structure and intonation.  In practical exercises the participants can train their acquired skills and receive personal feedback. Currently, the workshops are only offered in German.

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Schwung materialised from a group of friends who wanted to create a Hungarian student community in Switzerland. Our association was founded in Zurich in 2021. We build our community by organising social, educational and cultural events, as we aim to provide both educational and fun activities for our members. Our name is short for “Schweizer Verein Ungarischer Studierenden”. “Schwung”, the German word for “momentum”, represents our enthusiasm.

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Science Slam

Science Slam is the new form of scientific communication. The challenge lies in presenting one’s research project in an entertaining and easily understandable way – in no more than 10 minutes! Young scientists compete and try to impress the audience. All kinds of props and media are allowed and even encouraged. Many slammers underline their statements with creative powerpoint slides while others rock the stage with their musical or poetic abilities. The audience decides who gets to the final round – and after that, who gets to be the next Science Slam Champion – by awarding them with the loudest applause of the night.

We accept and support all sciences – especially the humanities.

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SeedCity is the comunity based garden on campus Hönggerberg. There we join forces to grow our own fruits and vegetables. Garden activities like cutting wood, digging up soil, caring for seedlings or picking flowers offer a nice break from your studies. To find out more about SeedCity, the workshops we organize or about permaculture, which we take as a guideline, visit our website or directly in the garden – wednesday or sunday afternoon.

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At SEET – Support Education, Empower Together, we believe in the indefeasible right of education and equal opportunities. In reality, refugees face many cultural, financial, and institutional obstacles, which complicate their access to higher education. SEET aims to act as a facilitator between refugees and Swiss higher education institutions, supporting them in overcoming these obstacles. We offer professional mentoring, a vast network, workshops and situational financial support to refugee women.

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In the Software Development Commission (SEK), students can develop applications that provide a service for students or facilitate the work of volunteers at VSETH. With its courses, the SEK is also the right place to learn new technologies on a modern IT infrastructure in an active community.

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Shoqata Studenti

Founded in 2000, the Albanian Student Association «Studenti» is an association that brings the Albanian culture, language, society and history closer to the students in Zurich.

The main goal of the association is to bring its members in Zurich together. By organizing multiple events a year, «Studenti» aims to establish relationships and communication between its members. In our events, we present interesting lectures and discussions about the Albanian culture and Albanian people in Switzerland. We also celebrate various festivities and travel together.

Furthermore we help Albanian exchange students in Zurich.

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Sirup is Zurich’s student radio show. We deal with everyday life, politics and culture at the university, the ETH and the city – and sometimes we just bring you great music. Sirup is a playground for students who want to get their voices heard. On air since 1997, Sirup airs every Friday at 9p.m. on Zurich’s LoRa (97,5 FM) or on cable (88,1 FM). And worldwide on Just let us know via mail, if you want join us.

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SKETHZ is the chess club of ETH. We regularly organize tournaments, both over the board and online, as well as casual meet-ups. Our main event, the Polychamps, is a yearly competition against EPFL. Our events are open to everyone, so, whether you are a beginner or a Grand Master, don’t hesitate and join us. 😉

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The SMW represents the interests of the materials science students versus the department and the ETH as a whole. To create the studies more enjoyable the SMW organizes field trips to companies, diverse events and offers a collection of old exams. Every last Wednesday of the month during the semester, the famous „Stamm” takes place, an event where materials science students come together.

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The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) is a committee of VSETH. We strive to be the first point of contact for all ETH students who have an interest in sustainability. Our efforts include the collaboration with various organizations and departments to advance sustainability practices on campus, organization of events such as the mirror COP27, and supporting events such as the sustainability week Zürich. Join us – we are happy to get to know you!

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Societas Studentium Vallesanorum Turici is an association for Valais students in Zurich. It is a social platform, which allows Valais students to have an exchange during their academic exile. The SSVT especially strives to bring together students of both parts of their canton. Additional aspirations are: support the High school students from Valais, promote and preserve the Valais culture as well as to organize various typical Valais events.

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Student Biolab Zurich

The Student Biolab is a platform and community with the goal to support students in designing, prototyping, and implementing their life science research and product ideas.

We operate our own wet lab, where we run experimental workshops, build startup prototypes and most importantly enable students to work on their own projects. We participate in international bio-competitions such as iGEM and iDEC as well as operating our own biotech incubator program.

Our community consists of passionate students that exchange ideas and have fun together – we are always welcoming to new passionate minds from all backgrounds.

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Students Across Borders

Students Across Borders is a young student association with the object to create a social exchange between refugees and students. Therefore, Students Across Borders organizes different events such as intercultural dinners or sports events. Furthermore, Students Across Borders runs a 1:1 tutoring-project in which students support refugees in learning the German language and in other subjects (English language, mathematics or all-round education).

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The SVZ “Stipendiatischer Verein Zürich” is a student organization that provides a platform for members of scholarship foundations and students interested in scholarships in Zurich.
Currently, we consist of members of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes” and the “Schweizerische Studienstiftung”.
Events include networking events, our yearly christmas party as well as information events for students that are interested in applying for a merit-based scholarship.

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The goal of the Students Wine Association Zurich is to learn more about wine and its rich variety of flavours. Where lie the differences and where do they come from? Therefore they host regular wine tasting events on specific topics or featuring selected wine-producers, all at student-friendly prices. Everyone can profit, whether you already know your Barolo from a Bordeaux or have absolutely no clue why people speak of white or red. After such an evening you will know how 5-10 different wines taste side by side, you may have learned about a certain grape or a wine-region and you probably met some new friends!

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Swiss Sequoia Club

Are you interested in startups? Do you want to meet entrepreneurial-minded students outside of ETH? Come and join the Swiss Sequoia Club and connect with highly motivated students from HSG and EPFL who are keen to find co-founders for their startup ideas. Matching students from HSG, ETH and EPFL to team up for pursuing business ideas offers great opportunities as the skill sets complement each other perfectly.

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Swissloop offers students the unique opportunity to gain practical experiences during their studies. Founded by students at ETH Zurich to advance research into high-speed transport systems and to represent Switzerland in Elon Musk’s „SpaceX Hyperloop Competition“, students design, build and test a complete and functioning Hyperloop prototype within the scope of one year, in close contact with the industry. The experience of developing a product from A to Z is accompanied by personal development with valuable team work, making friends sharing the same interests and taking part in international events, e.g. the “European Hyperloop Week”, meeting similar student teams from all around the world.

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Swissloop Tunneling

Swissloop Tunneling is a student-led association based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich conducting research on tunneling solutions. Last year, the Swissloop Tunneling team designed and built their first tunneling machine, “Groundhog Alpha”, named after one of nature’s most creative tunnel building animals. With its unique steering mechanism and progressive tunnel lining system, “Groundhog Alpha” is more agile than conventional solutions and can 3D-print the tunnel tube while continuously moving forward. This is something that has never been done before.

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We are here to let you dance, because we know how much fun it is.

We organize dance courses for hundreds of students each semester. Additionally, we offer workshops and dance events. Our most famous event is the weekly Open Dancing on Mondays. Feel free to just drop in and enjoy dancing Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Bachata in a relaxed atmosphere.

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The TaVS (Tamil Association of Students) was established on October 18. 2016 with the objective of networking between the Tamil students. The goal of the association is to bring all students with an interest in the Tamil culture and community together, to facilitate the exchange between members and to support and realise projects to develop the Tamil community.

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The Threads

The Threads is an a cappella group that was founded by a few friends in 2014. The group sings mostly pop arrangements, but its repertoire includes other genres as well. It performs regularly and organises its own concerts. The Threads is a small group in which every voice counts.

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We are graduates and undergraduates from different fields of study. Together, we provide courses and other educational materials for Open Source and Free Software. Our goal is to lower the entry barrier around these topics and simultaneously have fun teaching others!

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Turicum Thunderbirds

The Turicum Thunderbirds are Zurich’s quadball team. Quadball (inspired by Quidditch) is a mixed-gender and inclusive full-contact sport as well as a mixture of rugby, handball and volleyball. The different playing positions allow everyone to contribute to the team with their individual strengths. In addition to our training, we also enjoy other events (our socials) with each other from time to time to strengthen friendships off the pitch.

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The goal of Turkuaz is to enable the discussion of intellectual topics which relate to Turkey. Turkuaz promotes exchanges between students and academics from Switzerland and Turkey through informative and cultural events. Furthermore, the association guides and supports students and youth of migrant backgrounds with respect to their university education and career by providing an informative platform.

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The Ukrainian Association of Students and Academics in Zurich (UASAZ) was established in 2022 to facilitate the development of Ukrainian academic community and promote Ukrainian culture in Switzerland. We are a community of like-minded people who are interested in Ukraine. We aim at organizing educational and cultural events, conducting informational campaigns about Ukraine and Ukrainians in Switzerland, and bringing the Ukrainian academic community together. We are always open to new ideas, collaborations, and organizing exciting events!

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The UFO represents the interests of all students of environmental sciences towards the lecturers, the ETH and the other study programs. Besides university politics, we provide exam preparation courses and old summaries and exams for your successful studies. Furthermore, the UFO organizes various events, where you can relax and engage in social activities to balance your study life.

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Unicorn Labs

Unicorn Labs is a non-profit organization that develops Minimal Viable Products for startups and corporates to enable market and technology validation.
The goal of the organization is to encourage innovation and promote the startup ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs, companies or other associations and encourage students to gain practical experience.

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VBG Zurich is a Christian student group with the intention to promote an authentic and thought through Christian lifestyle. VBG is an interdenominational group, which desires to address pressing questions, as well as to discuss ways to live out Christian faith in everyday life.
iCafé, the english speaking branch of the group, meets on Thursday night from 7.30 to 10pm at Zeltweg 18. Come and have a time of fun and conversation, make new friends and explore questions relevant to life in Switzerland from a Christian perspective! We offer cultural events, room for discussions, bible study groups and a lot of funny and crazy moments!
There is also a german speaking branch, which meets on Tuesday night at Friedenskirche.
Visit to find out more about us and our events coming up.

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The VCS supports students studying Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry-Chemical Biology and Interdisciplinary Sciences in their studies by providing exam preparation courses, information events, and an extensive exam collection. It also organizes exchange programs with friendly student associations and field trips, parties, sustainability talks and many more events. At the general assembly the representatives that will advocate the interests of the students to the VSETH, the department and the school directors are elected.

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The VeBiS represents the bachelor and master programs of the D-BIOL. The VeBiS was founded in 2004 and supports the students with annual preparation courses for the basic exam, arranges contacts at company tours or career days and organizes social events such as apéros and general meetings. Furthermore, VeBiS has seats in the various university policy committees at the Department of Biology to represent the interests of the students. For the exchange of experiences between students, the homepage, the distribution of newsletters and the magazine ‘biotikum’, which is published twice a semester, are used.

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The Zurich Student Cycling Club offers a community for everyone interested in cycling. Our community is called “get universities cycling” and offers an open bike workshop on the Hönggerberg, where our staff will help all university members to get their bikes fit again. We also organize events such as excursions, parties or bicycle fairs and recycle neglected bicycles to make them accessible to students again. More on

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VESUV is the association of former student representatives and board members. It encompasses all formerly active members of VSETH and its surroundings. We are dedicated to enhance and cultivate the dialog between current and former student representatives and support them with help and advice in their activities. Since 2014, we are providing a platform to exchange and bridge the gap between generations – With events around the ETH, we bring young and old together. The board of the VESUV takes care of administrative duties and arranges recurring and nonrecurring activities. Everyone is welcome to initiate and realize new events or support the different existing ones.

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The VIAL represents the students in the two departments D-USYS and D-HEST. Furthermore the VIAL organizes many events such as a hiking weekend, a ski weekend in the beautiful Swiss Alps, food tastings, excursions and different informative meetings concerning the future career of the students. Every Thursday the VIAL organizes the “Donstigsbier” where students talk to each other with a nice cold beer in their hands.

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The Association of Computer Science Students, VIS, is dedicated to the well-being of the computer science students at ETH Zurich. In addition to providing services like the exam bundle, a collection of past examinations, the VIS organizes a wide variety of events, highlights being the BBQ at Katzensee (“VISKAS”), the traditional cheese fondue evening, “FIGUGEGL,” and the Snowdayz. The Kontaktparty is the largest IT recruiting fair in Switzerland and the best platform for introducing prospective graduates to the job market.

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VMP represents all students of mathematics, physics and computational science and engineering (CSE) towards the departments and the lecturers. Moreover VMP gives its best to facilitate the studies of its members by providing old exams, courses to prepare you for the exams, organizing parties, poker and chess tournaments, fondue or barbecue events. Besides the VMP offers you two free coffees per day and five free beers per week at our lounge (CAB E31).

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WiNaFe & SoNaFe

The association Verein Sommer- und Winternachtsfest consists of the eight student associations located on the ETH Hönggerberg. Every semester it organizes an event at the end of the semester: either the Winternachtsfest (WiNaFe) in the fall semester or the Sommernachtsfest (SoNaFe) in the spring semester. Our parties usually take place in the last week of the semester in the HXE building on the ETH Hönggerberg campus. We provide 3 dancefloors with 4 bars to our 1300 guests to celebrate the ending semester.

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The Croatian Students Association was founded in 2019 for the networking of Croatian students. The purpose of our association is to bring together students interested in Croatian culture and community, to promote exchange between members and to support and implement projects for the development of the Croatian community.

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The students’ newspaper «Zürcher Studierendenzeitung» was founded in 1923 as «Zürcher Student». Many have since learned the ins and outs of journalism during their time with Switzerland’s biggest students’ newspaper, thereby paving their way for a career in journalism. There’s a good chance of coming across a former ZS-contributor when reading a daily newspaper today. “ZS”, the paper for Uni and ETH, keeps students of both institutions up to date on political and cultural events at both universities as well as in the city of Zurich. A subscription for ETH-students is free.

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