VSETH organizes several large events for students, often in cooperation with the professional associations.

We organise the Ersti-Tag, during which the new students get to know their fellow students and the city a little bit better. The Ersti-Party is then used to celebrate the beginning of the studies or the semester with (almost) all other students. In winter, a mulled wine bar is organized on the Höngg during the last three weeks of the semester. In the summer, the summer bar is open in the last few weeks of the semester on the Polyterasse. Every semester there is also an Activity Fair where student organizations and the VSETH commissions can introduce themselves. And much, much more!

Further, VSETH supports other student activities and events. The commissions, student associations and other student organisations organise a large number of events of all kinds every semester. At ETH, students organize further educational courses, beer tastings, parties and everything in between. Most of the events are free of charge or at a reduced price for VSETH members.

The calender shows the events of VSETH [ics], of the commissions [ics], the student associations [ics] and the other organisations [ics].