VSETH is the umbrella organisation of all students at ETH

We represent your interests in higher education policy.

VSETH represents the students’ concerns in ETH boards. It drafts action papers (e.g. to improve the psychological health of students) and writes statements to influence ETH regulations.

We facilitate the work of student associations, committees and student organisations.

VSETH manages the infrastructure and advertising channels that enable student organisations to offer their services and make them known. It helps to organise associations and their services and brings those involved at ETH closer together.

We organize the biggest events at ETH.

VSETH organises the first-semester party on the Höngg, which is attended by 5000 students. The Summerbar and Nik’s Hütte serve beer, mulled wine and everything in between, and at the Conquering you will get to know Zurich from a slightly different perspective.

We are here for you!

Stop by our Students & Actives Open Door: Wednesday 10 – 13h (HXE B24) or Thursday 8 – 12h (CAB E23)