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If you want to be part of the Polykum and have your voice heard – not difficult with our circulation of 20,000 copies – or just let your creativity run wild as a scribbler or hobby illustrator, we’re always happy to see new faces in our editorial team. In addition to fame and honor as a Polykum writer you can also take part in professional writing courses, cozy meetings and joint dinners as well as a first exciting insight into a journalist’s life. If you’re interested please contact: redaktion@polykum.ethz.ch

The Polykum has been the magazine of the VSETH since 1995 and, with its six annual issues, accompanies the students, lecturers and staff of the ETH through the semesters. With a circulation of around 20,000 copies it will be sent directly to your home. Since 2019 the Polykum is no longer just written by students, but also directed and published by them. An experienced editorial team as well as fresh creative voices ensure that we can better represent our readership, include their interests and critical points and inspire, amuse and provoke the ETH members for many years more with exciting topics, amusing to grotesque research results and actual problems.

Are you curious and interested in writing an article or publishing your art in the Polykum? Then join our next virtual editorial meeting. Write us at redaktion@polykum.ethz.ch for more information.

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The Polykum is the magazine of the VSETH