In addition to its involvement in higher education policy and its services for student organisations, VSETH also provides services directly for students.

New at ETH?

Are you new at ETH? Then maybe you know us already from the Ersti-Day, which we organize in cooperation with the professional associations. We also put together the Ersti-Bags! More about the beginning of your studies and other useful information about Zurich and ETH.

We also offer a compilation of the legal situation in connection with the examinations: Rights related to examinations.

Music rooms

The platform for the music rooms is currently under maintenance and not online. We are currently working on a solution for the music rooms and we additionally asked for external help. We are planning to open the music rooms again at the beginning of the spring semester.

We will inform all users as soon as the music rooms can be booked again and will keep you up to date here. Please do not write any email concerning the platform.

We know that this situation is not satisfactory for all of those that would like to make music. We want to apologize for this. Thank you very much for your patience so far. In this regard, we want to think of a little way to make up for the inability to use music rooms.

Corona regulations

The relaxation measures taken by the Swiss Confederation and ETH allow a gradual return to normal operation of the VSETH music rooms. In Zentrum, the music rooms MM A71.1, A71.3 and A71.4 are open from 09:00 to 18:00 (Mon – Fri). On Hönggerberg, the rooms HPI D2.1, D2.2, D4.1 and D4.2 are open from 07:00 to 22:00 (Mon – Fri).
In order to comply with the hygiene regulations and to ensure the health of the users, we ask you to observe the following rules when using the rooms:

  • Before playing on the instruments, please clean your hands with the disinfectant provided.
  • Do not clean the instruments yourself. VSETH will do this on a regular basis.
  • Put the hygiene material back on the table after use.
  • Only one person is allowed in the music rooms at a time.
  • At the entrance to the building, the reservation may be required to be shown in order to gain access to the building.

Disregard of the above rules can result in exclusion from the provided offer, respectively the closing of the affected music room.

Have fun making music!

VSETH provices 5 music rooms in the ETH Zentrum and 6 music rooms on the Hönggerberg.

To find out which instruments are available and how to reserve a room, click here.


The VSETH Book exchange is an uncomplicated way to buy or sell study-related second-hand books.


VSETH operates the event rooms StuZ, which consists of the event rooms CAB F21 and D21 as well as HXE B1, B2 and C1. The respective outside rooms are also included.

These rooms can be rented for student purposes. Organisations that are part of the VSETH are eligible for reduced rates. Find more infos and reservation at: