University Politics

Looking back on the FR on 02.11.2021

This Tuesday (02.11.) the third meeting of the Associations’ Council (Fachvereinsrat – FR) this semester took place. Unlike other FRs, this time the joint program started with a guided tour of the site development on the Hönggerberg, where we were introduced to the new construction projects, in particular the upcoming student center HIC, and the sustainability strategy on campus. After an aperitif (Apéro) in the alumni lounge, we headed to the HIL for the actual meeting. In the following three hours the agenda was worked through; after organizational matters and the announcements of the Chair of the Associations’ Council, it was time for the exchange of the student associations. This time information was exchanged about who can lend what, e.g. a slushie machine from VMP or fondue caquelons from APV. Due to a request to change the agenda, the board came next with VSS announcements, this time consisting of an information about the initiative “animal and human experimentation ban” and an update on Erasmus+. Afterwards, in the general board announcements a motion on the sustainability of the ETH Board was presented and feedback on wiegETHs measures in the departments was collected.  For the board statements the board left the room to allow delegates to gather questions for the board anonymously. The following discussion with everyone began with a round where each board member reported what had been on her or his mind the most over the past few weeks. The Treasury was pleased to report that the board now has access to its bank accounts. The two communication board members (Kommus) reported on the open day and shared that our common room no longer smells like curry sausage. After a short break, the last hour was devoted to revising the bylaws. The ARA (AGO Revision Consulting Board, AGO stands for the General Rules of Procedure) presented the most drastic changes to the bylaws, to which the student associations could then react. After the meeting there was the possibility to exchange outside and to drink a cup of mulled wine.