Become Active

The VSETH offers countless opportunities to help shape student life at ETH and to further your own education. Your commitment is what moves the student body at ETH forward!

Two things are the same in all VSETH activities: you meet interesting and motivated people everywhere and you can develop yourself further. After all, how many of your fellow students can say that they have organised a party with 5,000 guests or that they regularly talk to the ETH Rector about teaching at ETH?

We are happy to see every new face!


Every party, every film evening, every lecture relies on a large number of volunteers who make the event possible.

As a volunteer, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and in return you get free admission, food and drink or chocolate.

If you would like to help, please contact the organisers directly.


Every party, every film evening, every lecture, every event needs actives to organise the event.
As an event organiser, you bundle and coordinate the resources available to you and create a great offer for your fellow students.

Get in touch with your student association or choose a committee where you would like to help out.

VSETH organises the Projekti-Weekend: During the weekend in the mountains, you can exchange experiences with other Projektis in organising events.

If you would like to help organise a large event, please contact You can become part of an organising committee and help with PR or logistics for a big event, for example.

University Politics

There are various opportunities for students to have a say at ETH. As a HoPo, you can have a significant influence on the future programmes offered by ETH for your fellow students.

Get in touch with your student association at the University Policy Committee. As a representative of the student association, you can influence the degree programme and offers for students in departmental committees.

Would you prefer to work more directly to improve teaching, know almost the entire year group and want to get in touch with your professors? Then being a semester representative is just the thing for you. You can find tips and tricks for your tasks as a semester representative in the How to Semester Feedback.

The VSETH offers you a good start with the HoPo-Stamm (cosy exchange on current topics). There is also the HoPo weekend (a whole weekend in the mountains with university policy workshops).

Are you interested in university politics in ETH-wide committees? Write to

Student Associations

It takes a lot of commitment behind the scenes to create a programme for students. This includes activities such as the treasurer’s office (finances), sponsoring or IT.

You can do this with your student association or at student union level with the VSETH.

Working Groups

The VSETH working groups deal with individual projects and university politics issues. A large part of the VSETH’s content-related work takes place in the working groups.

If you would like to contribute your opinion on the working group topics, you can come to the working group meetings at any time.

The working groups are project-specific and will be dissolved once the project has been completed. You can find a list of these here.


The VSETH and the specialised associations represent all ETH students in numerous committees in, around and outside ETH. We sit on almost all decision-making and advisory committees relating to teaching and student life.

This includes, for example, the Gastronomy Committee, which discusses the catering offer at ETH, the ASVZ Board or the university assembly, where you can discuss teaching at ETH with doctoral students and professors. You can find all the committees in which the VSETH is represented in the representation brochure.

The amount of work required for a representative is usually low, but this depends greatly on the representative role.

If you are particularly interested in becoming a representative, please contact, us or your student association!


Join us in the VSETH teams and work with other students to shape the umbrella organisation for all student associations by supporting the board in its work! As a member of our teams, you can get involved flexibly alongside your studies and participate in exciting projects.

Your opportunities:

  • Events Team: Be there when we plan big events and contribute your creative ideas.
  • University Politics Team: Get involved in university politics to support student concerns.
  • IT Team: Help us with technical challenges and contribute your IT expertise.
  • Internal Affairs Team: Work with student organisations and shape the inner workings of the association.
  • Communication Team: Establish links with companies and shape the association’s public image.
  • Infrastructure Team: Manage the association’s premises and inventory.
  • Finance Team: Do you like money? Clément does too.

As on the VSETH Board, you will be involved in numerous projects as a team member. Here you can learn important skills such as project management, conflict management and external representation. You will not only manage the association, but also support the work of the specialised associations and commissions. Together we organise unforgettable events such as the Erstifest or Nik’s Hütte.

Just drop by one of our VSETH offices in the CAB (ETH Centre) or HXE (ETH Hönggerberg). Or send us a non-binding e-mail to Your commitment makes the difference – be part of a motivated team and experience how much we can achieve together!


The VSETH Board is the executive body of the association. The tasks of each member depend very much on their office.

During your time on the board, you will be involved in many projects and can learn a great deal with your motivated team, such as project management, conflict management or external representation. You manage the association, facilitate the work of the specialist clubs and commissions and organise events that simply cannot be missed, such as the Erstifest or Nik’s Hütte.

The workload on the board is therefore very high; the requirements are a minimum 50% workload and a passed basic examination. It helps if you already have experience in the VSETH or in your student association, but this is not essential.

It is best to visit us in one of our VSETH offices in the CAB (ETH Centre) or HXE (ETH Hönggerberg), or simply send us an email to