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#wiegETHs?/#howsETHgoing? final report is here!

The final report of the Spring 2019 Equal Opportunity and Mental Health Survey has finally been completed this week. Want to know how students in your department regard their own equality and mental health? Then take a look!

We have summarized the results of the survey and split them into three categories: General Health; Mental Health; and Discrimination & Misconduct (gender origin, gender identity). The survey was for all of the ETH and results were also analyzed specifically for every department. For all categories we have written action papers to which the rectorate has positioned itself.

Perhaps you have already heard about the WiegETHs project, whether as a topic of conversation in the hallway, at the student association council (FR), or while being a representative at one of the departmental meetings. In order to work out the evaluation precisely with the respective parties concerned, we had discussions with all of the student associations and their respective departments. The main goal was to present the departments with the results of the survey and to receive a written statement from each department explaining their position and their ideas for future action. Fortunately, we have received a position paper from all departments except for one. The cooperation with most departments was extremely positive and their statements included many proposals for future measures. However, some of the departments did not respond to the results or our efforts. You can find the exact classification and explanation of this in the report.

If we have captured your interest, and you want to know the results of this project, please have a look at the report:! Yes, we know it looks frightfully long at first, but do not worry – you can also just read through the information that interests you. For example:

  • “What is the state of students’ mental health in my department?”
  • “Are foreign students at a disadvantage at the ETH?”
  • “How are LGBTQIA+ students supported by the rectorate?”

The VSETH would like to thank everyone who supported the project, and those that helped with this issue and who made the completion of the report possible. We hope you will feel free to give us feedback or ask questions at We welcome any inspiration!

Your HoPos