Study associations

Around 19'200 students and 10'800 employees inspirit the locations ETH centre and ETH Hönggerberg. The university counts 25 different degree programs, organised in different departments. All 16 departments are organised in 17 student associations. These associations represent the students at department level. This includes the representation during the study and department conferences, grading conference and selection process of professors and more.

In addition, the student associations organise a variety of services for your study. For this reason, many student associations have collections of sample exams, organise factory tours or cultural activities. All student organisations work at their own account. Some of them carry out their own sponsoring and are very successful. The student organisations are financially independent from VSETH. They give an account in front of the students of the department at their own general assembly.

List of all study associations

Student Association   Homepage E-Mail
AIV praesidium[at]
AMIV vorstand[at]
APV apv[at]
Architektura praesidium[at]
BSA bsa[at]
Erfa erfa[at]
GessWho! gesswho[at]
GUV praesident[at]
HeaT vorstand[at]
OBIS info[at]
SMW info[at]
UFO info[at]
VCS info[at]
VeBiS vorstand[at]
VIAL vial[at]
VIS vis[at]
VMP intern[at]


Each study association has a Gotte/Götti at VSETH, who is always open for questions concerning the VSETH. In the following list the responsible for each association is listed.

Fachverein Gotte/Götti Kontakt Adresse
AIV Ronan Lindörfer goetti.aiv[at]
AMIV Friedrich Ginnold goetti.amiv[at]
APV Stella Reichling goetti.apv[at]
Architektura Micha Bigler goetti.architektura[at]
BSA Micha Bigler goetti.bsa[at]
Erfa Micha Bigler goetti.erfa[at]
GessWho! Fabienne Minacci goetti.gesswho[at]
GUV Lewin Könemann goetti.guv[at]
HeaT Raika Schaefer goetti.heat[at]
OBIS Stella Reichling goetti.obis[at]
SMW Tanja Minacci goetti.smw[at]
UFO Tanja Minacci goetti.ufo[at]
VCS Ronan Lindörfer goetti.vcs[at]
VeBiS Friedrich Ginnold goetti.vebis[at]
VIAL Tierry Hörmann goetti.vial[at]
VIS Stella Reichling goetti.vis[at]
VMP Joy Stekhoven goetti.vmp[at]