MeWell is a student and staff association at the universities in Zurich with a focus on providing both professional and community-focused activities around raising awareness of mental wellbeing and fighting metal health stigma at the universities in Zurich.
MeWell’s goal is a mental health-positive culture, where all students and (non-)academic workers participate in a mental-health normalized culture, are supportive of each other’s mental health, and know where to find mental help.
To this end we organize monthly talks on different mental health topics together with experts in the field as well as fun social events throughout the year.

Cyber Group

Cyber Group – ETH Student Initiative’s mission is to foster cybersecurity enthusiasm among ETH students. They promote participation at selected cyber competitions and build, prepare, and coach participating teams from all academic backgrounds. In their Open Ports, cyber experts share current hot topics, give insights into career choices, and shed light on real-life challenges in interactive workshops and talks. Once a year, they organize a networking event with keynote speakers.

Association of Luxembourg Students in Zurich

The Association of Luxembourg Students in Zurich (LSZ) was founded in 1930. Some of our goals are to bring together the Luxembourgish student community in Zurich, to support Luxembourgish ‘freshmen’ with their first steps in Zurich and to advise Luxembourgish students on possible studies in Zurich. Throughout the year we organize numerous events to bring our members together and to give them a good change from everyday student life.


At SEET – Support Education, Empower Together, we believe in the indefeasible right of education and equal opportunities. In reality, refugees face many cultural, financial, and institutional obstacles, which complicate their access to higher education. Through a mentoring program, we aim to act as a facilitator between refugees and Swiss higher education institutions to overcome these obstacles. We offer professional mentoring, a vast network, career workshops and situational financial support.

Belgian Association for Students in Switzerland

The Belgian Association for Students in Switzerland (B.A.S.S.) came to existence in 2020 in order to establish a strong and supportive Belgian community for students in Switzerland. We aim to unlock the best of what Belgium and Switzerland have to offer. Founded and based in Zurich, our current members include students from the University of Zurich (UZH) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), as well as young professionals. It is our mission to boost professional development, as well as social and cultural coherence within the Belgian community in Switzerland!

Swiss Sequoia Club

Are you interested in startups? Do you want to meet entrepreneurial-minded students outside of ETH? Come and join the Swiss Sequoia Club and connect with highly motivated students from HSG and EPFL who are keen to find co-founders for their startup ideas. Matching students from HSG, ETH and EPFL to team up for pursuing business ideas offers great opportunities as the skill sets complement each other perfectly.

Google Developer Club Zurich

Founded in 2020, Zurich GDSC is a university-based student-run community for students interested in developer technologies and STEM subjects. Our mission is to provide student developers with a way to grow their knowledge, network with their peers and build solutions that impact their communities. We focus on technological events and host speaker sessions, workshops, and introductory classes with experts in developer technologies as well as researchers from leading companies and institutions.

Swissloop Tunneling

Swissloop Tunneling is a student-led association based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich conducting research on tunneling solutions. Last year, the Swissloop Tunneling team designed and built their first tunneling machine, “Groundhog Alpha”, named after one of nature’s most creative tunnel building animals. With its unique steering mechanism and progressive tunnel lining system, “Groundhog Alpha” is more agile than conventional solutions and can 3D-print the tunnel tube while continuously moving forward. This is something that has never been done before.


ETHSG is a student association aiming to increase the network and interdisciplinary collaboration between students from ETH and HSG (Hochschule St. Gallen). We host diverse events, where students from business and scientific backgrounds can connect and learn from each other. We also organize speaker events, workshops and company visits where you can meet organizations operating in interdisciplinary fields. If you are interested in both business and technology and would like to enlarge your personal network by meeting likeminded students from diverse backgrounds, come join us!

Blueprint Masquerades

The Blueprint Masquerades is an English student theater group from Zurich, with members from both UZH and ETHZ. Each academic year, we put on one production, with performances in spring. As a fully student-run group, we do everything ourselves, be it producing, directing, acting, marketing, composing music, or designing and creating the set and costumes. Our past productions include English classics and modern plays alike, as well as several self-written plays.