PROZ stands for Psychedelic Research Organization of Zurich. We are a student association dedicated to exploring psychedelics through a scientific framework. Our interdisciplinary team includes students from fields like psychology, pharmacology, biology, physics, and computer sciences; all united by our academic interest in psychedelics. Our goal is to raise awareness of the potential benefits and risks associated with psychedelics, as well as their clinical and psychotherapeutic applications. We also strive for open science, making research accessible to everyone, and creating opportunities for dialogue and networking. We organize a variety of events, including talks, discussions, and informal events, where people can share and discuss their knowledge.

Iris Vocal Ensemble

The Iris Vocal Ensemble was established in 2021 by students from ETH and UZH who share a passion for music and acapella singing. Our repertoire is varied and includes genres ranging from baroque to pop, contemporary music, and traditional Christmas carols. Each semester, we showcase our talents at a self-organized concert, as well as at the Musikalischer Abend hosted by Musikplattform. In addition to our music, we celebrate our friendship with dinner parties and busking in the streets of Zurich.


The ‘Czech and Slovak Students in Zurich’ is a society uniting the community of students from Czechia & Slovakia and providing support in academic and related matters. It organizes open events and provides a platform for social engagement – we cook, go skiing, hiking or just meet for a beer.

Student Biolab Zurich

The Student Biolab is a platform and community with the goal to support students in designing, prototyping, and implementing their life science research and product ideas.

We operate our own wet lab, where we run experimental workshops, build startup prototypes and most importantly enable students to work on their own projects. We participate in international bio-competitions such as iGEM and iDEC as well as operating our own biotech incubator program.

Our community consists of passionate students that exchange ideas and have fun together – we are always welcoming to new passionate minds from all backgrounds.


The Academic Surf Club is a Swiss-wide association that connects surfing enthusiasts and alumni from the largest Swiss universities. It is open to all students who are interested in surfing, have always wanted to try it out or simply identify with the surfing lifestyle. We enrich everyday life at the universities with cool events and regular activities, with the now legendary Academic Surf Camp in late summer being the highlight.

Health Science Club

Welcome to the Health Science Club, a vibrant student organization dedicated to connecting students in the health sciences field with the industry through exciting events like “MedTalks”, company visits, career workshops and many more! Explore the latest trends, network with peers and experts, and gain valuable insights. Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your knowledge and make meaningful connections. Discover all that the Health Science Club has to offer today!


Ideaction is a platform connecting students with impactful ideas for sustainability. Students can either choose an existing idea and create a project group with like-minded peers or send in their own idea, which Ideaction publishes on the platform, and other students can build a team around their idea and put it into practice.


We believe that society can only become sustainable if the new generation is educated accordingly. That’s why we at Respectomorrow run workshops at schools where children and young people can develop a fascination for sustainability issues through hands-on lessons. We are a very multidisciplinary association, from law to biology to engineering. New thoughts and ideas are welcome. You too can contribute to making our future sustainable!

Turicum Thunderbirds

The Turicum Thunderbirds are Zurich’s quadball team. Quadball (inspired by Quidditch) is a mixed-gender and inclusive full-contact sport as well as a mixture of rugby, handball and volleyball. The different playing positions allow everyone to contribute to the team with their individual strengths. In addition to our training, we also enjoy other events (our socials) with each other from time to time to strengthen friendships off the pitch.


The SVZ “Stipendiatischer Verein Zürich” is a student organization that provides a platform for members of scholarship foundations and students interested in scholarships in Zurich.
Currently, we consist of members of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes” and the “Schweizerische Studienstiftung”.
Events include networking events, our yearly christmas party as well as information events for students that are interested in applying for a merit-based scholarship.