Ideaction is a platform connecting students with impactful ideas for sustainability. Students can either choose an existing idea and create a project group with like-minded peers or send in their own idea, which Ideaction publishes on the platform, and other students can build a team around their idea and put it into practice.


We believe that society can only become sustainable if the new generation is educated accordingly. That’s why we at Respectomorrow run workshops at schools where children and young people can develop a fascination for sustainability issues through hands-on lessons. We are a very multidisciplinary association, from law to biology to engineering. New thoughts and ideas are welcome. You too can contribute to making our future sustainable!

Turicum Thunderbirds

The Turicum Thunderbirds are Zurich’s quadball team. Quadball (inspired by Quidditch) is a mixed-gender and inclusive full-contact sport as well as a mixture of rugby, handball and volleyball. The different playing positions allow everyone to contribute to the team with their individual strengths. In addition to our training, we also enjoy other events (our socials) with each other from time to time to strengthen friendships off the pitch.


The SVZ “Studentischer Verein Zürich” is a student organization that provides a platform for members of scholarship foundations and students interested in scholarships in Zurich.
Currently, we consist of members of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes” and the “Schweizerische Studienstiftung”.
Events include networking events, a yearly christmas party as well as information events for students that are interested in applying for a merit-based scholarship.


The Ukrainian Association of Students and Academics in Zurich (UASAZ) was established in 2022 to facilitate the development of Ukrainian academic community and promote Ukrainian culture in Switzerland. We are a community of like-minded people who are interested in Ukraine. We aim at organizing educational and cultural events, conducting informational campaigns about Ukraine and Ukrainians in Switzerland, and bringing the Ukrainian academic community together. We are always open to new ideas, collaborations, and organizing exciting events!


Schwung materialised from a group of friends who wanted to create a Hungarian student community in Switzerland. Our association was founded in Zurich in 2021. We build our community by organising social, educational and cultural events, as we aim to provide both educational and fun activities for our members. Our name is short for “Schweizer Verein Ungarischer Studierenden”. “Schwung”, the German word for “momentum”, represents our enthusiasm.


SKETHZ is the chess club of ETH. We regularly organize tournaments, both over the board and online, as well as casual meet-ups. Our main event, the Polychamps, is a yearly competition against EPFL. Our events are open to everyone, so, whether you are a beginner or a Grand Master, don’t hesitate and join us. 😉


The LSVZ, the Latino Students’ Union Zürich, is an association with the purpose of fostering the spanish-speaking community at the ETH and the UZH. We organize events so that the newbies can get to know the city and also other students. The studying has to be compensated with social activities, and the LSVZ team tries to do that by organising parties, BBQs, excursions and much more!

Camerata Academica Zurich

The Camerata Academica Zürich is a chamber orchestra and has been performing classical works at the highest level at regular concerts and academic events for over 10 years.

Would you like to play in an ambitious student orchestra? Or would you like to perform your most beautiful solo piece accompanied by a string orchestra? Then our orchestra is the right place for you!


MeWell is a student and staff association at the universities in Zurich with a focus on providing both professional and community-focused activities around raising awareness of mental wellbeing and fighting metal health stigma at the universities in Zurich.
MeWell’s goal is a mental health-positive culture, where all students and (non-)academic workers participate in a mental-health normalized culture, are supportive of each other’s mental health, and know where to find mental help.
To this end we organize monthly talks on different mental health topics together with experts in the field as well as fun social events throughout the year.