Use music rooms

Technical Problems with Closing Systems & no new Users

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the closing mechanism and thus advise against the usage of the rooms. Reservations sometimes fail and doors fail to open from time to time, even with reservation. Bookings are now the user’s responsibility. Important: If the door to your music room fails to open, please do not contact the house service. Please write an email to Sadly, no new users can be registered at the moment. Please be patient until the beginning of next year and check this page on a regular basis.

Corona Situation

The relaxation measures taken by the Swiss Confederation and the ETH allow a gradual return to normal operation of the VSETH music rooms. In the center, the music rooms MM A71.1, A71.3 and A71.4 are open from 08:00 to 15:00 (Mon – Fri). On the Hönggerberg, the rooms HPI D2.2, D4.2 & D5.2 are open from 07:00 to 18:00 (Mon – Fri).

In order to comply with the hygiene regulations and to ensure the health of the users, we ask you to observe the following rules when using the rooms:

  • Before playing on the instruments, please clean your hands with the disinfectant provided and do not clean the instruments yourself. The VSETH will do this on a regular basis.
  • put the hygiene material back on the table after use.
  • only one person is allowed in the music rooms at a time.
  • at the entrance to the building, the reservation may be required to be shown in order to gain access to the building.

Disregard of the above rules can result in exclusion from the provided offer, respectively the closing of the affected music room.

Have fun making music!

In the music rooms, music can be played on high-quality instruments directly at the ETH.

The music rooms are primarily available to students at the ETH. Secondary, ETH employees, university students and external students can make use of this offer. Use of the music rooms for commercial purposes (e.g. to offer music lessons) is not permitted.


In the center there are several pianos and a grand piano available.
Open Monday to Friday from 7.00 – 21.00 o’clock.

Music room 1MM.A 71.1Piano: Sauter Mod 120, Piano: Grotrian Steinweg
Music room 2MM.A 71.3Piano: Grotrian Steinweg No. 142464 (1997)
Music room3MM.A 71.4Grand piano: Wendl & Lung
Music room 4MM.B 71.1Piano: Kemble 237 645
Music room 5MM.A 98Piano: Yamaha U-3F, Piano: Hellas No. 37875 (1977)
The music rooms in the Zentrum.


On the Hönggerberg there are several pianos and a band room (drums, guitar equipment, mixing desk) available.
Open daily 7.00 – 24.00 o’clock. From 21.00 o’clock and on weekends building access only with Legi (apply in the secretary’s office).

Music room 2.1HPI D2.1Piano: Yamaha SU 131S, 5933403 (in revision until end of 09/2020)
Music room 2.2HPI D2.2Piano: Schimmel 300 781
Music room 4.1HPI D4.1Grand piano: Yamaha 5920094 (in revision until end of 09/2020)
Music room 4.2HPI D4.2Grand piano: Yamaha E 4642650
Music room 5.1HPI D5.1Grand piano: Yamaha 5920189 (in revision until end of 09/2020)
Music room 5.2 (Band room)
Higher price within opening times.
HPI D5.2E-Drumset: Roland TD-11KV
Stage Piano: Casio PX-300
Guitar Amps: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Bass Amps: Ampeg BA-115
Mixing console: Alto Live 1202
PA: LD Systems Dave 12
Outside opening hours only electric drums with headphones.
The music rooms on the Hönggerberg.

Special case bandroom

The amplifiers and loudspeakers in the band room may only be used during opening hours, outside opening hours drummers may practice on the e-drumset with headphones.

Monday to Friday, from 18.00 – 24.00h
Saturday and Sunday, from 7.00 – 24.00h

Use music rooms

To register for the use of the music rooms you send an email to You will receive a registration form and a deposit slip for the deposit of the badge (CHF 50.00). After successful registration you will receive the badge by mail and a login for

On you can then reserve rooms with the login you received and during the reservation period you will get access to the respective room with the badge.

A fee is charged for each reservation (for students this is CHF 1 per hour, or CHF 5 per hour for the band room during opening hours). A semester fee is charged from the first reservation in the semester (for students this is CHF 25 per semester).

Please always adhere to the terms of use.