New at ETH

New subjects, mazy buildings and many unknown faces: Starting the study at ETH can be quite exhausting. But once you got used to it, you will discover that ETH has a lot to offer. Zurich, as Switzerland’s biggest city, also has a lot of cultural activities. In the following you can find a list of some offers. A detailed list of all relevant information for freshmen can be found in the How to ETH:


ETH is mainly split into two locations within the city of Zurich: The ETH campus in the city centre near the main station and the ETH campus at Hönggerberg, a little outside of the city on a hill (called Hönngerberg). Both locations are connected with each other with the ETH Link, a shuttle bus.

At both locations there are various restaurants, which offer meals at different prices. Further, there is a bar (bQm) and several student pubs and event locations. In the near future, there are even going to be student apartments at the ETH campus Hönggerberg.


Members of universities in Zurich can benefit from the ASVZ offers (Academic sport association Zurich). ASVZ provide various kinds of sport activities at different locations of the city. For this reason, you have always the possibility to do sports before or after the lectures. Rowing, yoga, kickboxing, football or ski tours, it exists almost every type of sport. In addition, there are many mass sport events like SoLa-relay, absolved around the city of Zurich in a team consisting of eight.

All ASVZ offers can be found here:

Spare time

Zurich has a wide range of cultural activities like the opera house, the small and big theatre, the concert hall, the jazz club Moods and endless clubs and bars. As Switzerland’s biggest city, there is always something going on. A wide extended public transport network will bring you home safely. The VSETH Kulturstelle offers favourable entries for opera, theatre and concerts (

There are also plenty of local recreation areas. You can take a swim in the lake and the river Limmat or take a boat trip and the nearby hills invite you to take a walk or a bike ride. Also in the city there are many sport and leisure activities.


To find an apartment in Zurich is not that easy. Especially students are disadvantaged on the housing marked due to the great demand and high prices. Therefore some like to settle down in favourable communities outside of Zurich city. But there are good alternatives, which offer students affordable housing within the city:

WoKo: The Wohnkommission offers small apartments and rooms in student houses for affordable prices (
Juwo: The foundation Jugendwohnnetz offers affordable apartments for young people with a small income (

A more extended list can be found on .


Life in Switzerland and especially in Zurich is extremely expensive. Expenses for rent, food and cultural activities are quickly over 1000 CHF per month. The ETH event even bank on the following accounts for the cost of living: ETH-Lebenshaltungkosten
These accounts are a relatively high estimate. Additionally, the ETH offers scholarship to all students with the need of financial support. For this reason, studying at ETH should not fail due to financial obstacles.


Various official offers or students support you when you have questions and problems with your studies.

General concerns regarding your studies: VSETH

Concerns regarding your study degree: your student association of your degree program (link)

Personal concerns: Nightline Zurich

Legal consulting: Commission of legal consulting of VSUZH VSUZH ReBeKo

Study guidance: study orientation & coaching Soc

Psychological consulting at UZH and ETH: Psychological counseling center