The AFrEZ (Association Francophone des Étudiants de Zürich) is the organisation for francophone students in Zurich, created in 2007. Very active on campus, it organises various events throughout the academic year, open not only to francophone students but also to anyone open to learning the french language or discovering more about the diversity of french-speaking cultures. Amongst its key events, we have wine and cheese tastings, fondue evenings, but also sporting events (participation to the SOLA relay race), museum exhibitions and of course its famous CREPERIE present every Thursday during lunch time to hand out crêpes on the Polyterrasse!


We are PolyUniQue, the LGBTQIA+ student organization in Zurich. We welcome anyone who is looking for other queer people, no matter if you’re out and proud, still in the closet, or only just started questioning your identity.
We organize a plethora of different events, ranging from karaoke evenings and hikes to our monthly dinners, so everyone is sure to find something they enjoy. We strive to be a space where everyone can be themselves and find other like-minded people.
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VESUV is the association of former student representatives and board members. It encompasses all formerly active members of VSETH and its surroundings. We are dedicated to enhance and cultivate the dialog between current and former student representatives and support them with help and advice in their activities. Since 2014, we are providing a platform to exchange and bridge the gap between generations – With events around the ETH, we bring young and old together. The board of the VESUV takes care of administrative duties and arranges recurring and nonrecurring activities. Everyone is welcome to initiate and realize new events or support the different existing ones.


The AOZ, an orchestra composed of around 70 students and employees of ETH Zurich and University of Zurich, rehearses orchestral music under expert guidance and brings it to the concert level. The joy of making music is combined with serious work in order to achieve high level performances. Also the interdisciplinary contact between the various academic disciplines as well as friendship and sociability is seen as strong bond among the members. Last but not least, the AOZ is an essential part of the cultural offerings for students in Zurich by presenting the audience at least four symphonic concerts per year.


The KOSTA organizes numerous festivals and parties around the ETH and University of Zurich and provides other students their know-how and material. Our purpose is the realization of the Polyball at the ETH Zurich, which is considered as the biggest decorated ball in Europe. We are a young, motivated team of ETH, university & college students offering a variety of tasks and a lot of space to contribute their own ideas. With over 100 years of experience in event management, we have a large network as well as many exciting and valuable contacts.


By now the musicplatform is the largest musical community of both universities of Zurich, everyone studying and working at either the ETH or the UZH is warmly invited in joining us. Making and listening to music can compensate the daily stress of academic work. Therefore, it is wonderful to see and hear that people pursue their musical hobby with enthusiasm, next to their work and studying. The musicplatform provides musicians of both universities a network for coming together, e.g., in playing concerts and joining courses, in other words to share their passion. And as a former student and later professor of the ETH said: “Creativity is catching. Pass it to others.” (Albert Einstein)


Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a European-wide student organisation with the goal to promote the social and personal integration of the exchange students. ESN Zürich aims to ensure that all international students in Zurich feel at home, have a great time, meet a lot of new people, get a good glimpse of Swiss student life and Swiss culture in general. To achieve this, we organise welcome parties and all kind of fun events, all year long. We also connect international students with local buddies and provide information about the life in Zurich. In a word, we are here to make your stay the best!

ETH Entrepreneur Club

The ETH Entrepreneur Club is a student initiative at ETH Zurich to bring entrepreneurial-minded people together and to foster entrepreneurship among students. Through startup events and our community, we provide a platform to develop ideas, build teams and exchange experience.