The Project

VSETH is organising this survey to analyse student satisfaction. We will use your answers to find out what are the most important concerns of the students and target these specifically. The dispatch and evaluation of this survey will mainly be handled by GFS Zurich. This ensures on the one hand the protection of your data and identity and on the other hand guarantees a professional evaluation.


For further questions you are very welcome to contact us under .

Thank you for your participation

From the 18th of March to the 2nd of April, 6400 students completed our survey. This corresponds to 42.2% of all Bachelor and Master students at ETH Zürich. Thank you very much for your active cooperation and support!


The first report from the 22nd May is now available in German. An English translation will follow later.

Here you can find the final report of the survey. The report gives a broad overview of the most important results. Further, more detailed analyses of the results will follow at a later date. The results are now beeing used to define areas for action and to identify measures for your most pressing problems. You are cordially invited to support us in planning and implementing these measures.


Why should I fill in this questionnaire?

  • We want to get a realistic picture of what it’s like to study at ETH. That’s why we want to hear from you what your experience has been like so far.
  • We are aware that you have more important things to do than fill out one more survey, however we require all your voices to achieve statistical relevance and therefore to have the data as well as the leverage to improve your student life.
  • Moreover, the higher the number of people that fill in this survey, the stronger is our ability to represent your interests.
  • You can decide with this survey on which issues the VSETH and ETH will focus on in the coming years. So please fill in.

Why is VSETH doing this survey?

  • The aim of this survey is to find out how ETH and VSETH can better support you as a student and how we can remove unnecessary stress factors from your studies.
  • Your answers will be used by the VSETH and ETH to determine potential problems and possible measures of action to address these. To define these measures we need to know how satisfied you have been with your student experience, what the most pressing concerns are for you and what would make your life at ETH easier.
  • We want to make sure that students of all backgrounds, nationalities and genders enjoy a fruitful time here. There have been cases of psychological distress, discrimination and inequality at ETH. Our aim is to find out if these were outlier cases or if systematic problems exist. That means, even if you haven’t experienced any problems at ETH your voice is just as important to this survey.
  • The rectorate of the ETH is supporting this effort and we will work together with them to address the possible outcomes of this survey.

How can I fill in the survey?

  • You have received an email on 18.3.19 by GFS Zurich. This email contains a personalized login and a link to the survey. Using the login, you can fill in the survey.

Why haven't I received a survey link?

  • The survey only targets students in Bachelor and Master courses. If you are doing a PhD, you will not receive an email.
  • You should check your spam folder in case the email was put there.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a Bachelor or Master’s program at ETH, you should have received an email on 18.3.19. If this is not the case and you wish to fill in the survey, please contact Karin Mändli-Lerch at GFS Zurich for a personalized link.

What will answering the survey look like?

  • The questionnaire is available in English and German. Since all courses at ETH are based on either of those languages, everybody should be able to answer the questions.
  • The survey consists of questions concerning the general well-being of students, respect and discrimination at ETH as well as a section inquiring about “mental health”.
  • There are no mandatory questions: you can always choose not to answer any given question.
  • There are between 40 and 50 questions and the average duration to answer the whole questionnaire is estimated at 15 minutes.
  • To shorten the time you need, some questions will only be shown if relevant according to your previous answers.
  • You can interrupt the questionnaire at any time and continue it at a more convenient time by using your survey login link. Your answers will be saved.

I wish to retract my answers. How?

  • A retraction is possible until the last day of the survey (2.4.2019). Simply answer the email you received on the 18th of March or alternatively send an email to Karin Mändli-Lerch at GFS Zurich.

How is my information anonymized and secured?

  • The security of your data will be ensured by GFS Zurich, which is a federally certified survey institute. You can find more information about their standards here: VSMS data protection.
  • Even though you receive an email with a personalized link to answer the questionnaire this will not be linked to you or your name in any way. Instead every answered questionnaire will be linked to an anonymized ID, which will allow comparisons between the answers to different questions. This ID is linked to your contact information until the survey will be closed on the 2nd of April. After closing the survey, your name and contact details will be permanently deleted. Only afterwards the evaluation of the answers will begin, so your answers will not be linkable to your person. Moreover, two separate people at GFS Zurich will handle the dispatch of the survey links and the evaluation of the answers.
  • A personalized password is necessary to ensure that each person fills in the questionnaire only once. Furthermore, it allows you to interrupt the questionnaire and continue at a different point of time.
  • The data will be saved on servers in the Netherlands. This means that it is protected under the EU GDPR, which is even stricter than Swiss data protection legislation.
  • GFS Zurich will anonymize the content of written answers regarding names and locations.
  • VSETH will receive an anonymized version of the dataset with all answers. Personal information will be removed by GFS Zurich to the point where no identification of individuals will be possible anymore.
  • 31 days after the conclusion of this project, your answers will be deleted from all the servers linked to GFS Zurich.

How will the answers be evaluated?

  • All answers will be evaluated by GFS Zurich. The results will be assembled into a report and published by VSETH.
  • Only statistically significant results will be published. If there are not enough answers in a given category, we will not publish those results due to their lack of statistical significance.
  • The evaluation will try to find general trends and make comparisons between different demographics to determine specific fields of actions. The aim is that VSETH will be able to define targeted action measures at a later date. The demographic data collected will be used for this purpose.
  • Written answers will be anonymized regarding names and location by GFS Zurich. Afterwards they will be read by a small elected group of VSETH members that will analyze their content and look for problem hotspots as well as figuring out improvements.
  • We will not react to individual cases and only consider them regarding their relevance for the big picture. If you wish to tell your personal story, you can always contact us via If you need help, you can find contacts here: Contacts and specialist units.

Why is the company GFS Zürich sending me the survey rather than ETH or VSETH?

  • The VSETH board has decided to use the services of GFS Zurich for the dispatch and evaluation of this survey. This is to ensure the professional handling and analysis of the answers and to ensure the security of your data.
  • In order to ensure your privacy, we have chosen not to handle raw data.
  • GFS Zurich convinced us the most among five other companies as the most reliable and qualified to implement our survey.
  • GFS Zurich is a reputed and certified survey institute. For any further information, visit their website.