Who we are…

VSETH (German: Verband der Studierenden an der ETH, English: Association of students at the ETH) is organised as an union and has already celebrated its 150th existence. It also represents the personal interests of the students at ETH in front of school administration and the authorities. Furthermore, VSETH provides various services for its members.


The Organigramm illustrates the existing networking of VSETH as the umbrella association of the study associations.

The board of VSETH consists of no more than 12 members, that each represents a different department. The executive committee and the financial department must be occupied. As a general rule, members of the board are active for one year and work in a project-oriented way. During the semester, the board meets weekly to discuss about current questions and to take decisions.

The association has a work quota of 325 per cent. The employees are responsible for daily tasks in administrative support and for retaining knowledge in order to assure the continuity within the association.

What are we doing?

VSETH provides the following services for all students at the ETH:

  • renting of rooms for events and materials
  • renting of music rooms (5 in the centre/6 on the Hönggerberg)
  • association magazine (Polykum)
  • general Secretariat of the Association
  • commissions
  • events

In addition, VSETH supports other student organisations with infrastructure, consultation, public relations and financial funds.

The Association is financed through a compulsory contribution, which is a contribution fee for all students’ activities. A part of these funds goes directly into the student associations. A membership needs to be chosen actively at the moment of the enrolment (here). Furthermore, the association, the student associations and the commissions open up additional financial resources through sponsoring, events and incomings through advertisements.

Student associations

The student associations takeover the students’ representation at department level. This also includes the representation during the teaching and department conferences, grading conferences, selection procedure of professors and more.


Besides, commissions can be founded in order to discharge the board and these commissions are orientated towards a specific subject. At present, around 15 VSETH commissions enrich the student life.