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Philosophy of room-use for HXE

Things are changing.
Some of you still remember the “ban on festival benches in the HXE-B1 (lower hall)” that has been in effect until summer 2018. This does no longer exist.
Instead there is a new “Loud-events-ban for the HXE-C1 (upper hall)” – it’s about protecting the inhabitants of the HWO & HWW from nighttime disturbance.

If you are planning an event in the HXE, consider the following criterias (before filling out the reservation form!) for choosing the right hall:

♦  Take the upper room (HXE-C1) only if…
– the event will be finished before 21:00 o’clock (quiet cleaning afterwards allowed).
– the event lasts until 00:00 o’clock but is quiet (<80 people, meeting, low alcohol consumption, no loud music). Clean up must be done quietly!

♦  Take the lower room (HXE-B1) if…
– the event goes until after 21:00, and more than 80 people will be present.
– the outdoor space will also be used for the event (e.g. barbecue events or open-air-aperitifs)
– you can expect, that it might become a bit loud

The management reserves the right to allocate incorrectly completed enquiries to the more suitable hall without consultation (the agreements in the contract then will apply).


Nighttime disturbance / Noise problems at the HXE

→ Download poster, print it & hang it up: DOWNLOAD

Since the construction of the student dormitories nearby the HXE (“ETH Student Village” HWO and “ETH Living Science” HWW) noise complaints from residents have been increasing. The situation worsened in October/November 2017, when weekly calls were received by the police. If the reports will keep on going, a closing of the event location can be ordered by the police / court. It is a major concern of the VSETH and the “Bewilligungsstelle” of ETH Zurich to prevent this.
There have already been introduced / implemented arrangements by VSETH (Loch Ness & Betrieb StuZ).
Users of the HXE are also asked to help us preventing a closure by the authorities.

Please pay particular attention to the following points:

  • After 10 p.m. all windows and doors on the HWO/HWW-side must be kept permanently closed!
  • From 10 p.m. onwards, no more people are allowed to stay outside on the HWO/HWW-side! Smoking then is only allowed on the HIL-side.
  • Make regular inspections at night – up to the HWO/HWW! According to the law, you must not hear “nothing” (in numbers:’ 0′)!
  • Turn music down & and ask disturbing guests to be quiet. If necessary, inform ETH Security Service / get their help: 044 342 11 88
  • If the police should show up, or even a penalty is given, please contact the VSETH immediately (we want to support you, not punish!)
  • The police may be asked to check the actual noise pollution at the place from where the noise complaint comes from. Please demand this from the officers – and let their estimation be confirmed!
    In order to be able to deal with this serious problem, VSETH relies on fast and comprehensive information.
  • Free the environment from rubbish after the event – in particular along HWO/HWW-side!
  • Clean-up work must not cause noise emissions! Attention when removing partry-material.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the management or the board of directors…


Management StuZ (accessibility and contact informations here) and Board of VSETH (contact-person “Projects”: here)

last updated: 17.09.18/gk