Student Organizations

Student organizations complete the student offerings with regional networks, music platforms, development projects and further interest groups. They are independent associations, which use the infrastructure, the network and the financial means of the VSETH.

A list of the student organizations can be found here: student organizations


Associated Organizations

Associated Organizations have a strong link to the VSETH, organize a lot of events and are well networked within the ETH and the VSETH. These organizations can profit from autonomy in ETH room reservations, yearly financial support as well as office space and infrastructure from the VSETH.

A list of the associated organizations, such as a small description, can be found here: associated organizations


For Associated Organizations there is a contact person  within the  VSETH- board, they are called Göttis of the corresponding organization and can be found on the wiki: Associated Organizations

Recognized Organizations

Recognized Organizations regularly work with the VSETH on specific projects and events. Through their collaboration with the VSETH, they may profit from ETH room reservations, the network and the infrastructure of the VSETH.

A list of the recognized organizations can be found here: recognized organizations


External Organizations

All organizations which provide student services within the scope of the ETH, may ask the VSETH for support. The latter can consist of general assistance, ETH room reservations or even financial support from the VSETH.


ETH room reservation

Recognition (de only) and association (de only)