VSETH for Affordable Education

Current Situation

July 2018

At its meeting on 4 & 5 July, the ETH Board definitely decided to increase the tuition fees at both ETH. The corresponding press release from the ETH Board explains why. Tuition fees are from 2019 increased stepwise by CHF 300 to CHF 1460 per year. Originally, an increase of CHF 500 was planned. VSETH has reacted with an appropriate press release. The ETH Board has partly taken the students' opinions into account, which is gratifying. However, the arguments for the increase remain vague and mainly politically motivated.

The increase is still a problem for financially weaker students. The ETH Board is now responsible for providing sufficient funds for social mitigation measures. The VSETH, together with the school administration, will work on a revision of the ETH scholarship system, hopefully achieving appropriate mitigation for those affected. Further below you can find information about possibilities to receive financial support.

From now on VSETH will set a focus on the topic of scholarships. The system in Switzerland is currently unsatisfactory and much needs to be done. VSETH calls on the ETH Board to promote a functioning scholarship system throughout Switzerland. If you would like to participate actively in the discussion, please contact us at We are always open for new ideas and active cooperation and look forward to your contribution.

May 2018

At its meeting on 16./17. May, the ETH Board did not discuss the increase of the tuition fees. The decision will therefore not be taken until the meeting of 04./05. July. To express the students' opinion once again, we have launched a letter campaign. As many personal, handwritten letters as possible are collected from students. These are then sent to all ETH Board members. With this action we show the decision makers that the students clearly oppose a planned increase. Send your letter to the ETH Board! Take it to the VSETH office (CAB E23) or send a scan to

March 2018

At its meeting on March 07./08. 2018, the ETH Board again discussed the increase in tuition fees. The decision was postponed to May. The reasons can be found in the media release of the ETH Board.

The VSETH responded with its own press release (german only). In it, we criticize the ETH Board for its decision. The arguments for the increase were obviously not sufficient to offset its negative effects. Nevertheless, the ETH Board remains committed to its project.

The next ETH Board meeting will take place on May 16./17.

September 2017

At its meeting on September 27./28. 2017, the ETH-Board expressed its support for an increase in tuition fees at both ETH by 500 CHF per year. Here you find the official statement of the ETH Board.

The VSETH responded to this, by questioning the proposed step: official statement of the VSETH (German only)

The AGEPoly (Student Association of the EPFL) also released a statement: official statement of the AGEPoly (French only)

Scholarships at ETH

ETH offers good information about the scholarships on its scholarship website. There you will find information on the different types of scholarships, a guideline on the cost of living, and a very useful scholarship calculator.
On the subpage of the scholarships for study and living expenses, you will find general information and an overview of the cantonal scholarship offices (German).
The English version of the application form can only be ordered, but not directly filled out online.
We also recommend that you read the regulations on scholarships at ETH from the legal collection. Here you will find all the rules for awarding scholarships.



Letter campaign

The ETH Board has still not definitively discussed the planned increase of the tuition fees. To show that the students are still clearly opposed to the project, we have started a letter campaign. Personal, handwritten letters are sent to all ETH Board members. We want to show the ETH Board that many students would be personally affected by the increase. Write down your opinion! Take your letter to the VSETH office (CAB E23) or send a scan to


Photo Event

As part of our protest day on 01.03.2018, we collected photos of students who are opposed to the planned increase in tuition fees. With the photos we built a big "500" on the Polyterrasse on the protest day. After that, we handed them over to the ETH Board.



To gather all students opinions, we launched a survey about the tuition fees. We have received 3828 valid answers, wich represents approximately 25% of all the students at ETH Zürich.

The results and the report of the data analysis can be found here:  VSETH-Auswertung

The survey clearly showed, that the vast majority of students opposes the proposed raise of the tuition fees.



On the 1st of March 2018 our protest day against the planned increase in tuition fees took place:

We distributed blue bandanas, a sign of protest and solidarity. Together, we walked to the ETH Board building to convey the opinion of the students.

The info sheet for the protest day: info sheet

Our media release for the protest day (german): media release

Panel Discussion

On the evening of November 15th we hosted a public panel discussion in the CABinett (CAB F 21, Universitätstrasse 6, ETH Centre).

Guest were:

Gian-Andri Casutt
Head of Communication ETH-Board

Lea Meister
Former president of the European Students' Union

Luzian Franzini
Co-President Junge Grüne Schweiz

Matthias P. Müller
Vice President Jungfreisinnige Schweiz

We thank the participants and everybody who attended the discussion