What are the advantages to be a VSETH-member?

VSETH shows a huge commitment towards the school administration, on national and international level, brings school politics from different student organisations together and organises events. Further services, provided by VSETH for students are for example the rental of music rooms or event rooms.

The VSETH-membership is also a membership in your student organisation of your degree program. A part of the membership fees is distributed by the VSETH to the student organisations. The student organisations, too, provide services like event organisation and represent the students in the department. To know more about the offers of your student organisation, you can enter in contact via mail, web, telephone or you can just step by its office at the CAB or HXE. If you want to know to which student organisation you belong and how you can contact them, please have a look here.

As a VSETH member you can take part in all of our events, profit from all our services and reduced prices for our public events. Our membership is worthwhile at the second visit at the Filmstelle or at the barbecue event of your student organisation.

With your membership, you help us to finance all this. If you have any further questions, please contact us by mail: vorstand [at]

How to become a member

At the enrolment:
 At the moment of your enrolment, simply click on box with the VSETH-membership in MyStudies under „voluntary contributions”.


After the enrolment: 
If you have already enrolled, you have time to sign up in MyStudies until the fourth week after begin of the semester by simply crossing the box with the VSETH-membership. After that, you can pay for the membership at the VSETH secretariat. Some student organisations offer this possibility as well.

For foreign students: 
As as an exchange student you are automatically enrolled as a VSETH member. You do not need to pay for the membership.

How to be active

Did you get interested and would you like to participate for any type of events and projects? Then please contact us here.