Meeting rooms

VSETH disposes of meeting rooms at ETH centre and ETH Hönggerberg, which can readily be used by student organisations.

All meeting rooms are equipped with a projector.

Student associations, commissions and recognised VSETH-organisations have priority for the reservations. The use and reservation of these rooms is free for the latter.  How to reserve the different rooms is described explicitly for every room.

Meeting room 1: ETH centre, CAB E24.2

This is room has the capacity of more or less 15 people.
Making an entry in the calendar attached to the door can reserve the meeting room 1.
It disposes of a video conference-system and a computer, additionally to the projector.

Meeting room 2: ETH Zentrum, CAB E15.2

It also has the capacity of having 15 people.
Making an entry at its respective door can as well reserve the meeting room 2.

Meeting room HXE: ETH Hönggerberg, HXE B2

It has the capacity of hosting 25 people. [360°-view HXE-B2]
The meeting room HXE can be reserved online by filling out the online-reservation form, which can be found here:

1. Check availability – Calendar HXE B2
2. Fill the reservation form – Form HXE B2


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