Student organisations can borrow all sorts of materials belonging to VSETH.
Due to limited capacity, the existing equipment rental service (which was offered until 2017) has been reduced.
Now, there are two different ways to rent material:

a) So called “Vorstands-material” such as barbecue, pavilion tents, beamers, induction stove tops & cooking pots, reusable cups (if less than 350 pieces needed), etc. can be requested from the executive board of VSETH. All agreements, conditions, etc. are made for this purpose by the board. Consultations should be done directly with them (not with the management of StuZ), thanks. Important: This page is NOT meant for this purpose.

b) So called “StuZ-material” and “StuZ-inventory” (things which belong to the event rooms of the StuZ) can be inquired from the StuZ-management – with restrictions.
For this type of material lendings (and only for this) the information on this page is authoritative – please follow the descriptions below.
Exception: If you only want to use up to two or three benches from HXE free of charge, please contact us via stuz [at] using the
Subject “Gratis-Festbänke (HXE) | USEDATE“. Thank you.

Request for the use of “StuZ-materials” (from CAB or from HXE)
Procedure: 1. -> 2. -> 3. -> 4.

  1. Read our rental conditions (click here, sorry only in German)
  2. See List of available materials (click here, sorry only in German) -> only this can be inquired (list V2.1).
    The costs are charged according to the StuZ price list.
    Take note of temporary restrictions in the availability of the rental material:
    Note: For organisational reasons, the rental of “StuZ-material (version b)” is temporarily not possible. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Fill the request form (click here, sorry only in German) -> early enough, but not too early!                  [X]
    Please note the terms & conditions in the rental conditions (above).
  4. Processing the lending: Collection & return (according to the information in the previously sent confirmation).
    CAB: To collect material, please print the receipt, fill it and bring it with you (click here).
    The collection and return of the articles from the CAB usually takes place on Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri from 15:00 to 16:00 o’clock, during the attendance times of the manager of the StuZ2 (office hours, off on Wednesdays!).
    HXE: After agreement, the articles can be received & returned independently – also at times other than the above mentioned – according to the information in the previously sent confirmation.

Reusable cups: Hints for using and cleaning can be found here (in German language only).
For further information, please contact the operations manager StuZ2.


External material rental und suppliers (recommendation):


Management StuZ (accessibility and contact informations here)

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