The VSETH (German: Verband der Studierenden an der ETH, English: Association of students at ETH) represents all students of ETH. We are organised as a union and have already celebrated our 150th existence. 

VSETH is generally organised reflecting the Swiss political system and the organisation at ETH. Just like ETH has centralised offices (rectorate, a departement for every faculty), so does VSETH have the VSETH-board and its student associations. They represent the students at several affiliated authorities.

Other than being representatives, the student associations are offering services to their students like excursions, career fairs, grill events and similar. VSETH further offers inter-faculty events and services with their commissions and recognised organisations. Movie nights, sport tournaments, debate competitions, development projects, parties or cheap printing service? As a member of VSETH one has the chance to profit from discount, unique offers and experience more than the simple everyday student life.

VSETH additionally supports all student organisations with infrastructure and, given the necessity, with finances.


1 week ago


- Together with AGEPoly, a partner organisation-contract is being written. The commissions existing at both universities should be regulated in a uniform manner for members of both associations.

- A new grill will be purchased for summer. It is also available via the equipment-rental for events for associations and commissions of VSETH.

(among others)

2 weeks ago

We received greetings from Ecuador! Can you spot the #Erstibag in this picture? 😉
#VSETH #travel #explore

travelling with our bag? show us which adventures you take it on!

2 weeks ago

Das Voting für das diesjährige Agenda-Cover ist vorbei! Wir gratulierem dem Gewinnerdesign von Sacha Rueff und freuen uns auf das intergalaktische neue Studijahr.

Kein Event in den nächsten vier Tagen.