ETH Rooms

The VSETH can support student organizations with the reservation of ETH rooms through the means of patronages. These may be used for lecture, course and meeting rooms or even foyers.

Who can apply for a patronage?

Any student organization and group can apply for a patronage, provided that they offer student services. This includes for example an association of french speaking students, groups that organize sustainability projects or student internship programs and many more.

What does a patronage involve for the applicant?

With the assumption of a patronage for a specific organization, the latter receives the right to use certain rooms. In this context, the organization assumes the full responsibility towards the VSETH, that the event is in accordance with the ETH room regulations (DE). The named event must, in every case, satisfy the following conditions:

The event…

  • … must correspond to the reputation of the ETH and yield a direct or indirect benefit for the ETH
  • … must be part of a student service
  • … may not have a purely commercial goal

Procedure for patronage applications

  1. The applicant acquaints himself with the ETH room regulations
  2. The applicant fills out the VSETH Patronage Request Form and sends it to
  3. The VSETH forwards the reviewed form to the ETH room reservation and/or licensing offices
  4. The ETH offices inform the applicant, reserve the requested rooms and, if necessary, issue the corresponding license


Please send patronage requests for meeting rooms 2 weeks and for lecutre halls 4 weeks in advance to VSETH.