Get Involved

Are you more than you interested in your studies? Do you want to take responsibilities, improve the student life at the ETH and implement your own projects? This is what we want, too!

By joining the VSETH you have endless possibilities to shape the student life at the ETH as well as to expand your knowledge.
No matter your time disposability or your interests, everyone can be active. Your engagement is what will get the students further at the ETH!

Two things are the same for all activities at the VSETH: You‘ll meet everywhere interesting and motivated people and can develop individually. How many of your fellow students can say that they organised a party with 5000 people invited or that they discuss regularly with the ETH-principle about the study at the ETH?

If you have any prior or special knowledge, can be useful but is not required to join VSETH. Because you can learn and test new things – also starting from zero. We are excited about every new face!

If you are interested in our association work, visit us in one of your VSETH-offices at the CAB (ETH centre) or the HXE (ETH Hönggerberg), or simply send us an email to

Here you can read a quick overview of your different activities:

Activities of student organisations

In the student organisation of your degree program, you can participate no matter your degree program. This can be a party, offers from your student organisation or the representation of your degree program in front of the ETH.

Within your student organisation you can discover new tasks and gain more experience. This also includes the functions like the quaestorship (the student associations’ finances), sponsorship or IT department.

A list of the student organizations and their activities you will find under organisations/ student associations and on the website of your student organisation.


Everything happening within VSETH relies on numerous volunteers. Our actions are only be realised  by their help.

As a volunteer you do not have to invest very much of your time and you get the following things: free entry to our events, food and drinks or chocolate.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact VSETH, your student association or the respective organiser.

Work groups

The VSETH’s work groups deal with particular projects and the university’s policy. A big part of the substantive work of VSETH happens within the work group.

If you would like to bring your opinion concerning the AG-issues, you can come by to one of your AG meetings.

The work groups are project-orientated and will be dissolved after the projects termination. The amount of work depends on the project but is rather low.

Organizing committee

If you would like to organise events for yourself or realise your own ideas, this is where you belong!

In the organisation committee you are responsible for a section of an event and you lean to take responsibility. This is why there are also positions in the organisation committee for public relations (PR) or logistics. As the amount of time is limited for the project it may require a little more of your time.

If you want to be part of the organisation of an event or want to realise your own event, please contact the respective organisation or write an email to .

University politics

Do you want to contribute to decisions at ETH or do you have good ideas what to change in your studies or at ETH in general? There are many ways to get involved in university politics. Most likely, in you study association, there is a commission for that. On the scale of VSETH, there are university politics roundtables and there is even a weekend full of workshops in the Swiss mountains every semester. Talk to your study association to get involved. If you want to gain an interview, take a look into the Booklet How to Hopo (German only).

Semester representatives

Do you know all your fellow students? Would you like to get in contact with your professor? Are you encouraged to improve your lecture? The job of a semester representative may be the best for you. In our How to Semesterfeedback (German only) you will find some tips and tricks for your tasks as a semester representative.


VSETH and the student associations represent all students at ETH in committees in and outside of ETH. We are part of almost every decision-making and counselling committee concerning the study and the student life.

This includes for example the gastro-commission, discussing the gastronomy at ETH, the ASVZ-board or the university-committee, discussing the study at ETH with PhD students and professors.

In the brochure of representation, you can find all committees in which ETH is participating.

The time required for the representation is low, but depends strongly on the individual.

If you are interested in representing ETH, please contact your students association or us!

VSETH board

The VSETH board is the executive authority of the association. The tasks of the board depend on the personal fields of activity. These you can find on the website of the board.

During your active service on the board, you are involved in many projects and gain experience together with other motivated students much more about projects management, conflict management or the representation to the outside.

The time investment is accordingly very high. It helps, if you already know VSETH or have experience in a department, but it is not required. To be able to take a position, the assessment year must have be passed successfully.