Commissions can be founded to discharge the VSETH board. They are part of VSETH and focus in-depth on a specific subject. At the moment, 16 VSETH commissions enrich the student life. The Kulturstelle for example organises classical piano recitals, reading circles and visits at the opera house, while the Filmstelle organises weekly film screenings. Forum & Contact is the biggest company fair at ETH and the HönggerGames its yearly sports tournament.

List of all commissions



Each commission has a Gotte/Götti at VSETH, who is always open for questions concerning the VSETH. In the following list the responsible for each commission is listed.

commission Gotte/Götti contact adress
Challenge Aline Schori goetti.challenge[at]
Debattierclub Medea Fux goetti.debattierclub[at]
ExBeerienceKommission Michael Zahler goetti.challenge[at]
Filmstelle Philippe Panhaleux goetti.filmstelle[at]
FliK Dara Colijn goetti.flik[at]
f&c Michael Zahler goetti.fc[at]
Fotolabor Lars Sturm goetti.fotolabor[at]
HönggerGames Jasmin Cadalbert goetti.hoenggergames[at]
Kulturstelle Daniel Westholm goetti.kulturstelle[at]
ETH MUN Medea Fux goetti.mun[at]
Nightline Lukas Reichart goetti.nightline[at]
Papperlapub Dara Colijn

Philippe Panhaleux[at]
SSC Lars Sturm goetti.ssc[at]
SPOD Daniel Westholm goetti.spod[at]
TQ Lars Sturm goetti.tq[at]
GECo Lukas Reichart goetti.geco[at]
HöNK Michael Zahler goetti.hoenk[at]