The Kommission für Immobilien (KI) represents student interests in the construction or renovation of ETH buildings. It is also responsible for the VSETH rooms; in particular in planning the current room layout and infrastructure as well as in planning and negotiating future rooms.

Legal consultation office

The legal consultation office of the VSUZH provides counsel to legal problems that may get in your way. It doesn’t matter if these are legal problems with your flat, if you need help in a recourse or if you need advice in an everyday legal problem. During the semester the legal consultation is available every tuesday and thursday from 18:00-19:30 and every wednesday from 16:00-17:30 in the office of the VSUZH at the Rämistrasse 62. For Members of the VSETH the legal consultation is free of charge, for all the other students it costs onetime per semester 5 CHF.


1995 was the first edition of the Polykum published, the official magazine of VSETH. It ist sent directly to your home with a circulation of around 20,000 copies. Since 2019, the Polykum has not only been written by students, but also managed and published by students. A seasoned editorial team and fresh creative voices ensure that we better represent our readers, include their interests and criticisms, and inspire, amuse and provoke ETH members for many years to come with exciting topics, amusing to grotesque research results and current problems.


Student Sustainability Commission (SSC) is a commission of VSETH. In the vast area of sustainability we offer a project and networking platform, to let ideas become real projects – “TheAlternative” and “eVelo-Link” as examples. Annually we host the “Nachhaltigkeitswoche” at ETH, the biggest student event series for sustainability of Switzerland, and are in contact with various other student initiatives in Zurich and Switzerland as well as with institutions as ETH Sustainability. Join us – we are happy to get to know you!


The ExBeerience Commission organizes a yearly Craftbeer-Festival at ETH for student prices, where breweries are present to tap their own beers. The aim is to enrich the beer-culture among students to drink #carftnotcrap. Further collaborations with other organizations broaden the reach of this cultural spread.


Your portal for affordable printing! No matter whether you need old exams, scripts or anything else — everything is possible! Now, color printing is available, too! Special offers for associations.

The SPOD printing will be available via the services of Print + Publish as part of a pilot scheme. For that, there is a new page in the Print Solutoin webshop for the students of ETH Zurich, which the product can be accessed by. This service, however, is only available for students of ETH, but not for the ones from UZH. The SPOD printer will be moved to the HIL buliding to Print + Publish. Via a clearly defined product portfoilo with consistent SLA, this provides additional value for the students of ETH Zurich.


Constructing pithy and witty arguments and presenting them in a rhetorically convincing way is what we practice weekly. We also compete in both German- and English-language debating tournaments all over Europe. If you’re keen on always being right or just want to broaden your horizon in a fun and engaging way, feel free to email us or visit our website!


The Nightline lends with ist phone, chat and email service always a sympathetic ear to you and offers an information portal, if Google doesn’t know how. True to the motto “by students for students” the Nightline is politically and denominationally independent. All calls are handled by trained Nightliner – confidential and anonymous. Nobody to listen, unable to fall asleep or feeling lonely? Lovesickness, exam stress or just haphazard? Don’t hesitate to call us. We will listen to you!

You can reach us during the semester from Monday until Friday 08:00-12:00 p.m. by telephone under 044 633 77 77 or by chat and email.


Challenge brings together more than 400 students from both schools, the EPF Lausanne and the ETH Zurich, each year in sporty and fraternal spirit. 50 students from ETH Zurich and 50 students from EPF Lausanne qualify annually at various events within both schools due to their athletic performance, their skill and their team spirit. Challenge is organized alternately by Challenge VSETH and Challenge AGEPoly.


Tanzquotient promotes and maintains dance traditions at ETH, at affordable prices for students. Of course, the program includes dance courses, free training and dance events; show groups and tournament dancers are also welcome.